7 Genius Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Anyone who wears a bra on a regular basis knows some of the pitfalls associated with it. Bras can be annoying and uncomfortable, the strapless ones ride up and slip down, and the ones with straps tend to peek out from under your clothes and can ruin your entire outfit. That’s a pretty long list of grievances from something that a lot of people wear pretty much every day. Lucky for you, we have 7 life-saving bra hacks that you won’t want to live without. Turn that frown upside down and give bras a chance!

1. Secure Hold

If your strapless bra is constantly riding up or sliding down your back and you always feel like you have to pull it back into place, simply spread some hot glue along the inner edges of your bra. Once dry, the contours of the glue will give your strapless bra the support you deserve!

2. Proper Storage

Arguably one of the most annoying things about storing bras is that they inevitably get tangled up and twisted into one another. But there’s another way: just twist small hooks into in a couple of hangers and hang your bras on them one below the other.

3. DIY Halter Bra

Are you sick and tired of seeing your bra straps peek out from under your clothes or riding up your shoulders? Then it’s time to turn your regular bra into a halter bra that will keep those pesky straps out of sight and out of mind. First cut off one strap right above where the plastic length adjustment piece is. Cut the other strap so that the plastic piece is still intact. Thread the one strap through the plastic piece on the other strap and sew it on. And you’ve got yourself an adjustable DIY halter bra! Bra-bulous!

4. Hiding The Fastener

Having your bra fastener peek through the back of your dress is a surefire way to ruin any outfit! Thankfully, there’s an easy way to get rid of this unstylish, yet super common problem: take one of your old bras you’ve been meaning to let go of, and cut off the fastener and straps. Then sew the fastener and the straps to an elastic band. Now wrap the elastic band around your body and fasten it to your bra so the fastener and straps aren’t visible anymore.

5. Bra Lace Top

Wanna turn your simple bra into a super cute lace top? All you have to do is glue a few bits and pieces of lace to your bra and that’s literally all it takes to upgrade a simple bra to a super stylish top!

6. Repair Your Bra

If the wire has managed to bore its way through the material, you can push it back into place and repair the damaged area using moleskin padding. Once fixed in place, the wire should no longer bother you.

7. Hide Bra Straps

To prevent bra straps from peeking out from a racerback top, attach them to one another using a paperclip.

With these 7 hacks in tow, your whole view on what bras can do will be forever changed!

Get the instructions for the Nifty Clothing Tricks and Sewing Hacks featured in the bonus video.

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