7 first dates that could be out of a movie

7 first dates that could be out of a movie

Everyone knows a number of horror stories of embarrassing first dates or has perhaps experienced one themselves. Whether the other person turns the meeting into a real horror date or you somehow screw up the whole thing, unfortunately does not change the unpleasant situation.

Here are emotional stories that really inspire you. (Scroll down to the article.)

However, there are of course not only bad first meetings, but at least as many good ones. Whether you meet the love of your life or just spend a nice evening with a nice person is not so important at first.

In order to celebrate such successful first dates appropriately and to dispel the myth that they always have to be embarrassing, here are a few stories of dates that could hardly be nicer:

1. The Ersti

“We met during the first week before the start of the university. I ran into him and almost knocked him down a flight of stairs. After that we were practically inseparable: we spent the whole day together and talked about all kinds of things. When the tour of the university was over, we walked around the campus on our own until we came to a large fountain, where we sat down. We talked on for hours, even though we had only known each other for a day. At 3 a.m. he took me back to my dorm and we hugged goodbye. We have been together for seven years now. “

© Pixabay / M2Oh

2. When life gives you lemons …

“I was 15 and it was Halloween: We wanted to go to a haunted house, but his truck stopped about half a kilometer from the destination and it was pouring out of buckets. He tried to fix his car, but it was unsuccessful. So we called his parents to pick us up. In the hour that we spent waiting in the car, we told each other a lot of stories, played our favorite songs on the radio and he showed me what cool lighting effects his truck had. When we finally got back to him, we decided to just watch a movie, drink cocoa and keep exchanging stories. From then on we watched five more wonderful years of films together. I wouldn’t change anything on this first date, even if I could. “

3. A school romance

“My best first date was in 7th grade with my boyfriend at the time. I love horses more than anything, so he quickly invited me to his uncle’s farm, where he helped out every now and then. There were tons of horses there and I was even allowed to stroke them! That was absolutely amazing for me back then. “

Eowyn and Horses

4. The weekend trip

“The best first date I’ve ever had was a 3 day trip to Duluth, Minnesota. We met on Tinder and joked for months that we’d go on a quick getaway as soon as we meet. And that’s exactly what we did. I drove to see him the evening before our trip so that we could leave as early as possible the next morning. He was making pancakes and coffee when I woke up, and we were playing funny games all the time on the drive. When we arrived at our destination, we ate our dinner right by the lake before we set off for the nearby waterfalls the next day. On the last day of our little trip we drove back into town and cooked dinner together. That was probably the most unusual first date ever, but two years later we’re still doing the same trip on our anniversary. “

© Pixabay / RC77

5. Fireworks, not just in the stomach

“We went out to eat on our first date. After dinner we walked through the park for a while and finally kissed. Apparently there must have been some kind of celebration in town, because fireworks went off just as we were kissing. This is really not a joke! Five years later we got married and this year we are celebrating our 12th anniversary. “

6. The Nutcracker

“It wasn’t our first date, my current husband and I have met for two weeks. He invited me to the restaurant where we had our very first meeting and then to the theater for the performance of ‘Nutcracker’ (it was Christmas time). Each of us chose our own nutcracker as a souvenir. It was just a very special and fun evening and it has been a tradition to do it every year ever since. This December it’s the 5th time. We even have a wonderful collection of nutcrackers that we put up every Christmas. “

The night of the nut crackers

7. Christmas in New York

“We met online and had been writing for a while when he asked about the first date. Unfortunately, I was about to leave for New York to visit my father. As luck would have it, he also wanted to visit his family for Christmas soon – in New Jersey. So our first date was around Christmas time in New York, which was an amazing (and for me first time) experience. We met for lunch and then strolled through the modern art museum. Then he took me to Juilliard (a private school in New York), where his brother used to go to school, and played a piano piece for me in the music room that he had composed for me. The date ended with dinner and a kiss in front of the huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza. Chances are that another first date will ever top this one. “

Christmas @ Rockefeller Plaza

It’s really nice to hear about such amazing first dates. How lucky when you can spend even more great years together and a happy relationship emerges from it.

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