6 upcycling ideas for toys, soft toys and Lego bricks

6 upcycling ideas for toys, soft toys and Lego bricks

It is completely normal that one day children will no longer pay any attention to their once-loved toys and soft stuffed animals. But that’s no reason to scrap Lego bricks, stuffed animals, and toys, because they’re all great for upcycling.

Chic shoes, useful kitchen gadgets or fashionable jewelry – these 6 upcycling ideas breathe new life into toys, soft toys and Lego bricks.

1. Spice up shoes with toy figures

For this you need:

  • 2 identical plastic figures, e.g. dinosaurs
  • 1 pair of high heels
  • drilling machine
  • Glue

That is how it goes:

Simply pierce both toy figures in the same place and guide the heels of the high heels through the holes. If necessary, fix the figures with glue – the stylish shoes with which you are the eye-catcher at every party are ready.

2. Washing up with Barbie

For this you need:

  • Barbie doll
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • Hair pillow

Cut the hair of a Barbie doll and stick a pillow on her head. Granted, that sounds a bit absurd, but it has a great effect. With the hair pillow, you can turn an old Barbie doll into a washing-up brush that works amazingly well and also looks pretty cool.

3. Cozy tissue box

For this you need:

  • Cuddly toy, ideally with a tail
  • Craft knife
  • handkerchiefs
  • self-adhesive Velcro fastener

Cut the stuffed animal open on the back and under the tail and remove the filling. Insert handkerchiefs into the cuddly toy through the slit on the back and pull the first handkerchief a little out of the slit under the tail. Then close the back slit with a self-adhesive Velcro fastener – isn’t that the cosiest tissue storage device you’ve ever seen? Perfect for cozy evenings on the couch!

4. Cute candle holders

For this you need:

  • small plastic figures
  • small candle holders
  • Spray food coloring
  • small candles

You can make very special candle holders out of small plastic figures. To do this, simply drill a hole in the figure and insert a candle holder; fix it with glue if necessary. Fill a vessel with water, spray the surface of the water with food coloring and immerse the figure and the candle holder in it. Let the paint dry and finally put a candle in the figure – pretty, isn’t it?

5. Chain pendants made of Lego bricks

For this you need:

  • Lego bricks with a hole
  • Chain

Attach a Lego brick with a hole to a chain and you are now wearing a stylish accessory around your neck. If you have two perforated Lego bricks, you can even make a pair of them out of them.

6. Fluffy doorstop

For this you need:

  • Cuddly toy
  • Craft knife
  • Stones
  • needle and thread

Cut open the underside of the cuddly toy, replace the soft filling with stones, and then sew the intersection shut again. Admit it, this cute doorstop is totally freaking out, right?

If your children haven’t left their toys, stuffed animals or Lego bricks aside, you have to be patient for better or worse, even if these upcycling ideas are extremely imaginative – your time will come, for sure!

In the video above you can see even more ideas about Lego bricks, toys & Co. – click here for the handicraft instructions:

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