6 top recipes for cordon bleu

6 top recipes for cordon bleu

Along with Wiener Schnitzel, cordon bleu is probably one of the most popular meat dishes in German cuisine (even if it originally comes from Switzerland). Filled to the brim with juicy ham and melting cheese, encased in a golden yellow and airy crust – a real treat. The cordon bleu is traditionally prepared with pork or veal. But since we don’t always take the traditions that seriously, we also prepare cordon bleu with chicken, among other things. Look forward to our best cordon bleu recipes.

1. Cordon bleu as a role

The French expression “cordon bleu” means “blue ribbon” in German and was once a paraphrase for high culinary art. The schnitzel “Cordon bleu” was probably invented in Switzerland in the 1940s. This baked chicken proves that it is still a timeless classic that can be varied imaginatively. Here you can find the recipe for the cordon bleu roll.

2. Cordon bleu in XXL

Some might argue that the idea of ​​stuffing meat with more meat can no longer be taken to extremes. And once again we have to teach these doubters better: This cordon bleu in XXL is not for the small appetite and certainly not a dish for just one person – unless you don’t want to eat anything else for a week. You can find the recipe for the extra-large cordon bleu here.

3. Delicious potato cordon bleu

A potato cordon bleu is a variation of the traditional dish that scores with lean chicken and also looks great. Here you can find the recipe for the potato cordon bleu.

4. Grilled cordon bleu on a skewer

The next spring is coming for sure! Clothes are becoming airier, the trees are sprouting, the outdoor pools are opening their doors. But what many of us enjoy most is the start of the barbecue season. You can already remember the following recipe as a starter for the barbecue season.

5. Saddle of pork as a hearty cake with cheese and ham

Imagine your home is flooded with a wonderfully hearty scent, the origin of which lies in your stove, where an extraordinary cake is just about to get golden brown and crispy. A cake made of rolled pork loin topped with cheese and ham. Is your mouth watering already? Then let the following recipe inspire you!

6. Chicken cordon bleu as a tasty skewer with potato wedges

Gourmets conjure up chicken cordon bleu as a delicious skewer, with potato wedges with rosemary. And best of all: everything comes out of the oven! It couldn’t be more practical. Here you can find the recipe for the cordon bleu on a skewer.

The recipes can only make your mouth water. We’d say the food is secured for the next six Sundays. 6 times wonderful cordon bleu in various shapes. Good Appetite!


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