6 tips for Easter eggs – coloring Easter eggs and blowing out eggs

6 tips for Easter eggs – coloring Easter eggs and blowing out eggs

At Easter, colorful, blown eggs decorate the Easter bouquet and richly decorated, boiled eggs are looked for with great joy and then eaten with relish. To color all these Easter eggs, there are various egg colors, stickers & Co. to buy. Admittedly, you are guaranteed to reach your goal – but the egg results are not really individual and unusual.

Color your Easter eggs with our 6 tips and this year you will have the most beautiful Easter eggs in your basket and bouquet.

1. Blow out eggs

You don’t have to blow until your head looks like a tomato. Simply poke the egg in at the top and bottom with a thumbtack, place an empty plastic bottle on one of the holes and keep squeezing it together – the air will push the raw egg out of the plastic bottle out of the shell.

2. Batik style Easter eggs

For this you need:

  • water
  • different nail polish colors

Simply drizzle different nail polish colors into water and dip the eggs one after the other – the batik-style Easter eggs are ready.

3. Easter eggs with a floral pattern

For this you need:

  • Decorative flower or leaf
  • Fine socks
  • red wine
  • water
  • onion

For your Easter eggs with a floral print, place a decorative sheet or a decorative flower on your egg. Then wrap it tightly in a fine sock.

To make the eggs purple, dip the sock and egg in red wine for an hour. To make the eggs brown, bring the onion skins to a boil in water and cook the egg and socks in it for 15 minutes. Then let the eggs drain, remove them from the socks and remove the decorative leaves or flowers.

4. Patterned Easter eggs

For this you need:

  • oil
  • hot glue
  • Cold colors for Easter eggs

Rub the eggs with a thin layer of oil, then decorate them with hot glue. Let the glue dry and then color the eggs in cold colors for 20 minutes. Carefully remove the hot glue and enjoy your individually patterned Easter eggs.

5. Colorful Easter eggs

For this you need:

  • Baking dish
  • shaving cream
  • different food colors

Spray shaving cream in a baking dish. Drizzle different food colors on the shaving cream and mix them with a wooden stick. Then roll the Easter eggs through the colored shaving foam and let it soak into the eggs overnight. Now you only need to wipe off the shaving foam the next day and you can look forward to your brightly colored Easter eggs.

6. Color the Easter eggs with a whisk

If, despite these great ideas, you decide to color your Easter eggs with conventional colors anyway, you may know the following problem: You want to color the eggs in a tall glass, but when you take them out you not only get the colored egg out, but also plenty of colored water . However, if you put the egg to be colored in a whisk, all of the liquid remains in the glass for coloring – ingenious, isn’t it?

Blow out eggs or color eggs – with these 6 tips, your Easter eggs will be real eye-catchers this year.

Above in the video you can see even more ideas about Easter eggs, here you come to the detailed handicraft instructions:

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