6 irresistible recipes with potatoes

6 irresistible recipes with potatoes

A sack of potatoes regularly ends up on the conveyor belt when shopping, because the tubers are a very popular side dish. Peeled and cooked, they often end up on the plate with vegetables and meat or are processed into a soup.

In fact, the potatoes can be prepared much better – the following 6 recipes with potatoes show you how great the tubers really are.

1. Potato puff pastry ring

The next party is coming up and you don’t know how to fill the buffet? After all, who wants the hundredth version of sausages in a dressing gown, pasta salad and hummus? Don’t worry, rescue is near. In the form of a hearty puff pastry wreath, which is not only easy to prepare, but is guaranteed to be well received by the party.

Here is the recipe for the delicious potato puff pastry ring.

2. Potato casserole from the loaf pan

Cake batter belongs in a loaf pan? Not correct! We made a potato casserole in it that, thanks to minced meat, cheese, tomatoes and spinach, not only tastes delicious, but also looks awesome.

Here is the recipe for the extraordinary potato casserole.

3. Pretty potato dome

Potatoes grow quietly and secretly in total darkness. When harvested, the tubers look rather dull. Only when properly prepared do potatoes become an eye-catcher – as is the case with this dish, whose splendor only becomes apparent when you release it from the glass prison.

Here is the recipe for the pretty potato dome.

4. Delicious tartiflette with camembert, bacon and pickles

A tartiflette is a potato casserole with Reblochon cheese, which originally comes from the Savoy region. The basic ingredients of a tartiflette are potatoes, Reblochon cheese and onions; The special thing about the preparation of a tartiflette is that it is gratinated with a horizontally halved Reblochon cheese. There are now countless recipes for making a tartiflette. Today we present you with an extremely appealing variant: For our tartiflette, the potatoes are first hollowed out, then filled with mustard, pickles and bacon, before they are baked with a spicy pepper-onion mixture, crème fraîche and camemberts.

Here is the recipe for the delicious Camembert bacon tartiflette.

5. Potato mince casserole with cheese

Usually gratinated dishes are served in a baking dish. We do, however, present a potato casserole served as a hearty cake. What sounds complicated at first is actually very easy and quick to do. The most important things for this recipe are potatoes, cheese, mince and a classic springform pan – and you’re ready to go.

Here is the recipe for the aromatic potato mince casserole with cheese.

6. Fried potato flowers with chicken breast

Prepare potatoes so that they look like pretty flowers? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. All you need is the right recipe for these deep-fried potato blossoms, which are unique in both taste and appearance.

Click here for the recipe for the fried potato flowers with chicken breast.

In the form of magnificent flowers, hearty cakes or as a hearty casserole – these 6 recipes with potatoes are proof that potatoes can be so much more than a simple side dish. Give it a try and make potatoes the icing on the cake of your next dish!


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