6 helpful tips on how to plant squirrels in the garden

6 helpful tips on how to plant squirrels in the garden

Squirrels can be encountered almost everywhere in Germany in forests and parks. There the cute animals jump from tree to tree, always looking for food or suitable hiding places. But because the habitat of the squirrels is increasingly dwindling, they are drawn to humans again and again.

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The small rodents are welcome guests in gardens and on balconies, because both children and adults enjoy the sight of the nimble climbers. By attracting them in a targeted manner, both sides benefit, because the animals are grateful for the food supply and the safe shelter. To make them feel welcome with you, there are a few things to keep in mind.

These 6 tips can help ensure that squirrels will permanently settle in your garden or on your balcony:

1. Make sure there is enough food

Squirrels are omnivores and need a varied diet. In addition to nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, berries, twigs, larvae and snails are also on their menu. In order to lure the small rodents into the garden, it can be worthwhile to plant suitable forage plants such as hazelnut, beech, chestnut or walnut. In this way you give them the opportunity to collect their own food. Nut trees are particularly popular with squirrels because they provide the supplies they need for winter dormancy, which they do not always find in sufficient quantities in the wild.

Danger: Because squirrels bury their food supplies in the ground, it can happen that the hidden tree fruits in the garden sprout. In nature, they contribute to the survival of the forest, but the gardener’s behavior can cause trouble.

© unsplash / Vincent van Zalinge

2. Set up feed boxes

If you don’t have space to plant new trees, you can set up special feed boxes that provide the squirrels with food without other animals being able to help themselves to the delicacies. The clever rodents quickly understand how the boxes work. With the right mix of feed, the animals get the supplies they need for the winter.

© unsplash / Joakim Honkasalo

3. Offer them something to drink

Of course, in addition to suitable food, squirrels also need ways to quench their thirst. Small troughs are suitable for this, which are also popular with birds, hedgehogs, bees and other animals in the garden. It would also be nice to have a garden pond that serves as a water point for the animals. Rain barrels or other water points that the squirrels cannot free themselves from should be covered with a net or lid.

@ unsplash / Kuma Kum

4. Provide space to climb and hide

In nature, squirrels prefer tall old trees where they can quickly get to safety in the event of danger. In addition, these trees offer them the opportunity to create sleeping nests. If you want to settle squirrels in the garden, you should provide enough space for climbing and hiding.

@ unsplash / Andrey Svistunov

5. Set up residential houses

In the forest, squirrels make their own sleeping nests, the so-called goblins. But even finished houses are often used. It is best to offer them several sleeping places, because even in nature they have more than one goblin, and make sure to place the resting places out of the reach of cats and other predators.

@ unsplash / Gabriel Porras

6. Provide the necessary rest

You should make sure that pets such as dogs and cats do not come near the squirrels and that the small rodents have their peace and quiet, not only in the house, but also in general. Ask your children to show restraint too. Some croissants become tame all by themselves and then even take one or two delicacies straight out of their hands.

© unsplash / Kuma Kum

Attracting squirrels is not that difficult. If you pay attention to a few things, you may soon be able to enjoy the cute little animals in your own garden.

But you should be careful when trying to hand-feed them. On the one hand, the animals can transmit the dangerous Hanta virus and, on the other hand, they lose their natural instinct to flee and are then no longer adequately armed against the dangers of nature.

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Thumbnail: © unsplash / Andrey Svistunov

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