6 extraordinary desserts with caramel

6 extraordinary desserts with caramel

Everyone loves caramel. So sweet, intense and versatile. The sticky mass goes perfectly with desserts and cakes and gives every treat the finishing touch. Even if the teeth are not so happy, the palate celebrates it all the more. Today we are going to show you 6 delicious desserts with caramel. Among other things, there is flan, cake and Swiss roll.

1. Japanese flan from the glass

This flan out of the glass is a popular dessert from Japan. It is also called “caramel pudding” or “purine”. The flan requires only a few ingredients and is very easy to prepare. In Japan, the “Purin” is loved by young and old alike and you can actually buy it as a finished product in supermarkets everywhere. Here we show you a pretty variant with a biscuit cover in a glass that you can make yourself. Here you can find the recipe for the purine.

2. Caramel, nuts and honey turn ordinary cakes into rocket science

It’s time for cake again: Here is a recipe that, thanks to caramel, nuts and honey, tastes unbeatably delicious. Here you can find the recipe for the extraordinary cake with caramel.

3. Creamy dessert with a crunchy caramel topping

For dessert, in addition to countless cake and ice cream creations, the classic pudding is particularly popular. Incidentally, this creamy dessert can be draped into a real eye-catcher with a crunchy caramel topping; You can find out how to do this in the following recipe.

4. Swiss roll with caramelized apples and cream

Everyone knows the finished Swiss rolls that you can buy in the supermarket. A popular dessert that actually always tastes good. But how about a homemade Swiss roll with apples, cinnamon and caramel sauce? Here comes a recipe that dessert lovers must try.

5. Fanta cake in the ice cream cone

Everyone of you probably knows the popular Fanta cake. A classic for both children’s birthday parties and in the office. But have you ever eaten Fanta cake made from an ice cream cone? This is a very creative type of preparation that will surely surprise any sweet tooth! Here you can find the recipe for the Fanta cake with caramel topping.

6. Sticky buns with caramel and pecans | cinnamon rolls

The following recipe is a sweet highlight from the USA and Canada. There people like to eat the so-called sticky buns for breakfast. These sticky buns are actually rolled up pieces of yeast dough that are refined with butter, cinnamon and sugar and then combined with liquid caramel and chopped pecans to create a sweet taste explosion. So basically cinnamon rolls including caramel and nuts: wonderfully sticky and incredibly delicious! That’s a sweet start to the day! Here you can find the recipe for the sticky buns with caramel.

If you go to the dentist twice a year, you can confidently plaster caramel all year round. Our desserts with caramel are ideal for dinner with friends, for a coffee chat on Sunday afternoon or for a well-deserved cheat day!


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