5-year-old horse lover takes pony into the children’s room

5-year-old horse lover takes pony into the children’s room

The 5-year-old KK finds it difficult to part with her beloved pony called “Sauce” and because the longing for her best friend on hooves is so terribly great, she simply smuggles the mare into her children’s room. But since a horse in the house does not go unnoticed for long, the two of them are caught by Mama Ashlie.

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KK and Sauce grow up together on a farm in the US state of Louisiana and are best friends. The patient pony mare, who is allowed to move freely on the farm, makes her way to her little friend’s house every morning and waits patiently in front of her window until KK finally wakes up. Then the new day can finally begin for the inseparable duo.

Little KK plopped into the saddle almost immediately after she was born, because Mama Ashlie and Papa Kiley own a large ranch with several horses. Ashlie is also an enthusiastic western rider who regularly takes part in shows and tournaments and KK has also been enthusiastic about equestrian sports from an early age. When the horse lover turns two years old, her sport-loving parents give her the pony sauce.

With the help of a horse trainer, Ashlie trains Sauce especially for her daughter and leads the two of them over the ranch by the reins for a year before she trusts the pony so much that she confides in her little horse lover without hesitation.

Since then, KK and Sauce have been a well-rehearsed team that has even won one or two prizes at Western tournaments. But even when the two aren’t training for a tournament, they spend every free minute of the day together.

Mama Ashlie even tolerates KK occasionally bringing her beloved pony into the house, but the top rule is: only into the living room! But in a weak moment when KK feels completely unobserved, she smuggles her friend on four hooves quietly and secretly into her children’s room. When the two are suspiciously calm, Ashlie becomes suspicious and opens the door to KK’s room. And what does she discover there?

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Here you can watch the video of KK and Sauce in the nursery:

KK and sauce have it all behind their ears. With this cheeky duo, Mama Ashlie will probably experience one or two surprises in the years to come.

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