5 recipes with zucchini

5 recipes with zucchini

Firm and dark green on the outside, juicy and light green on the inside – zucchini are really a pretty vegetable. Due to their mild taste, zucchini can be used in many ways in cooking, which is why there are plenty of recipes with zucchini. It can be quite difficult to pick out real recipe pearls.

This is where we come into play, because here there are the 5 best recipes with zucchini – whether stuffed zucchini with minced meat, zucchini casserole or zucchini omelette, with us you will get to know the best side of pretty vegetables.

1. Stuffed zucchini mince roll with cheddar cheese

A whole main course packed into a delicious roll? With this recipe, this wish becomes a reality! We’ll show you how sliced ​​zucchini, spicy minced meat, aromatic cheddar and eggs are made into a hearty roll that is a real treat for the palate.

Here is the recipe for the zucchini mince roll.

2. Stuffed zucchini with minced meat

Gratinated dishes are so popular because they practically make themselves and also taste delicious. Today we present a casserole that, thanks to zucchini cut into pieces, filled with mince and doused with creamy sauce, has what it takes to be classified as classic home cooking.

Here is the recipe for the stuffed zucchini with minced meat.

3. Zucchini mince skewers

We’ll show you that zucchini can also be prepared wonderfully on skewers. The highlight of this recipe is the edible skewer, which is made from pasta. But see for yourself how delicious the combination of zucchini, halloumi, minced meat and noodles is.

Here is the recipe for the zucchini minced meat skewers.

4. Delicious potato mince casserole with zucchini

Casseroles are at the top of the menu for many families, because they not only fill the home with a wonderful scent and, thanks to their long cooking time, are more or less by themselves, but also taste delicious and warm the body from the inside. This casserole is a wonderful combination of spicy minced meat, creamy potatoes and gently tasting zucchini, which – filled with mozzarella and wrapped in a bacon coating – have a unique taste. Curtain up for perhaps the best potato mince casserole with courgette.

Here is the recipe for the potato mince casserole with zucchini.

5. Zucchini omelette with cheddar and chicken breast

A nice omelette is a great way to start the day. The nice thing about an omelette is that you can prepare it in many ways. Whether with cheese, vegetables or bacon – the possibilities really seem endless. We have a very special omelette for you here. With thin zucchini slices, chicken breast and cheddar cheese, it offers an impressive taste experience. A day couldn’t start any better.

Click here for the recipe for the zucchini omelette with cheddar and chicken breast.

So mild in taste and yet so special – zucchini are a real vegetable star! Whether stuffed zucchini with minced meat, zucchini casserole or zucchini omelette – these 5 recipes with zucchini will hopefully be an integral part of your recipe collection from now on.


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