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43 previously unknown tricks with normal objects that make your everyday life easier

43 previously unknown tricks with normal objects that make your everyday life easier

Let’s be honest: It’s the little things in life that really get on the laces in everyday life; think, for example, of a pair of jeans with a button that won’t close, a greasy stain on clothing or fingers smeared with chocolate. Probably each of these three scenarios makes you need to exhale audibly, right?

Well then you’ve come to the right place! Because many things that you use almost every day have more functions than you realize; a bottle of Coke, a drill, forks, commercially available rubbers or surprise eggs can be your savior in an emergency.

1.-7.) Tricks with rubber bands

Everyone has them at home: rubber bands! The useful rings either lie in the drawer, are kept in a screw-top jar or are collected in a place where they will soon be forgotten again. Most of them don’t know how practical the elastic rubber actually is!

8.-12.) Tricks with Cola in the household

We all know that cola is unhealthy. It can’t hurt to have a few bottles of it in the house anyway. Here’s why the famous lemonade can be incredibly handy.

13.-21.) Tips and tricks with the drill

The first electric hand drill was presented by a Stuttgart company in 1896. About 20 years later, Robert Bosch designed the first concrete impact drill. However, its principle could only be combined with the electric hand drill for the mass market in the 1950s. At that time it was certainly thought that such a drill was only suitable for manual activities. But far from it: See for yourself the 9 ways a drill can make your everyday life easier.

22.-32.) Hidden functions

Things that you use regularly often have functions that you don’t even know about. It is precisely these gadgets that make your everyday life more relaxed. Once you have discovered these eleven functions, you will definitely not want to miss them again.

33-38) Tricks with surprise eggs

Games, fun, excitement and chocolate: for many, the surprise egg was an integral part of childhood. Aside from the chocolate, the small-scale construction kits and the cute figurines, no egg could do without a yellow capsule. In the past you could put these plastic boxes on top of each other and they were sometimes even part of the toy. But even today there are still surprising possibilities for the containers, as these 6 everyday tricks and crafting tips show you.

39-43) Tricks with forks

Forks are actually among the oldest tools known to man and were already mentioned in the Bible. Nevertheless, it took a long time for the fork to gain acceptance in Central Europe. In the Middle Ages it was decried as the devil’s tool and whoever used it was also considered effeminate. You kindly had to eat with your fingers, as even the French King Louis XIV (1638-1715) still did. Fortunately, the fork is now a good form, which can prove to be extremely beneficial not only at the dining table, but also for everyday and handicraft tips, as these tricks and ideas for forks show you.

Have you always overlooked these tricks, even though they are actually obvious? Well, from today you will be richer by 43 secrets and will see drills, cola, rubber, forks & Co. with different eyes in the future.

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