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4-year-old has found a new friend: fawn

4-year-old has found a new friend: fawn

Most parents have probably already seen their offspring bring an unexpected visitor home with them. Then the offspring will be standing in front of the door, excited and with their best friend.

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This is a nice occasion to put one more plate on the dinner table and get to know the little playground accomplice. But what do you offer just one fourleg game acquaintance?

Stephanie Brown, a mother from Ragged Point Beach in the US state of Virginia, was amazed when her 4-year-old son Dominic stood at the door with his new best friend.

The family was vacationing at a vacation rental in Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dominic had played in the woods of the picturesque area and found a fawn, which then simply walked back to the house with him.

Dominic beamed with satisfaction and the fawn looked as if it wanted to say: “We asked my parents, they say I can have dinner here.”

Stephanie quickly took a few photos of the cute duo and then asked her son if his new boyfriend had a name. Yes, said Dominic. He named the fawn after his favorite cartoon hero “Flash”. Stephanie warned him not to touch the fawn so that his mother wouldn’t smell strange human smells on him.

Then she asked Dominic to lead the young deer back to the edge of the forest. Fortunately, the little one agreed. He brought the new friend back to his forest home and said goodbye.

What a sweet surprise guest! Dominic seems to have a special talent – who knows who he’ll bring home next.

Thumbnail: © Facebook / Stephanie Brown

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