4 DIY ideas with old car tires

4 DIY ideas with old car tires

Unfortunately, when you walk through the forest these days, you see discarded car tires lying around. On the one hand, this is not good for the environment and, on the other hand, you can actually make pretty cool things out of discarded car tires. So if you ever find a wrongly disposed of tire in nature, grab it and get the hot glue gun out! The following 4 DIY ideas show you how ingeniously car tires can be upcycled. We’re making a coffee table, a flower pot, a dog basket and a great seesaw for toddlers.

1. Coffee table with LED lights

For this you need:

  • 2 car tires
  • hot glue
  • rope
  • Wooden panel
  • LED lights
  • Pane of glass

That is how it goes:

1.1 Glue the rope evenly and in a ring onto the car tire with hot glue. Repeat for the second hoop.

1.2 On a tire, glue a round wooden plate over the hole in the middle.

1.3 Spread hot glue generously in 4 different places on this car tire and put the second tire on top.

1.4 Drape LED lights in the middle and put a round glass plate on top. The pretty coffee table is ready.

2. Flower pot with legs

For this you need:

  • car tire
  • White color
  • 3 birch trunks of the same length
  • round wooden plate
  • Screws and cordless screwdrivers
  • Hole milling attachment for cordless screwdriver / drill
  • hot glue
  • Coconut mat
  • earth
  • Plants, moss and stones

That is how it goes:

2.1 Paint the tire white.

2.2 Attach the birch trunks to the wooden board with screws. Also, mill a few holes in the wood panel. (You can also simply drill a few holes in the plate with a normal drill bit.)

2.3 Glue the car tire to the wooden plate with hot glue.

2.4 Now put a coconut mat in the middle and fill the car tire with soil.

2.5 Then decorate the flower stand with plants, moss and stones.

3. seesaw for children

For this you need:

  • car tire
  • yellow COLOUR
  • Drill and cordless screwdriver
  • 2 wooden blocks
  • Screws and washers
  • board
  • blue colour
  • Hole cutter attachment
  • thick rope

That is how it goes:

3.1 Halve the tire in half. Color one half with yellow paint.

3.2 Now drill 2 holes in the halved hoop at both ends and from both sides.

3.3 Position a block of wood at each end of the tire and attach it to the tire with screws and washers.

3.4 Place a board on the wooden blocks and fasten it to the blocks with screws. Paint the board blue.

3.5 Now mill 2 large holes in the wooden board with a hole milling attachment.

3.6 Thread a thick rope through the holes and knot it on the underside of the board.

3.7 Make eyes and mouths out of paper and glue them to one side of the tire.

4. Dog basket

For this you need:

  • car tire
  • Craft knife
  • Templates with patterns
  • Spray paint
  • Dog pillow

That is how it goes:

4.1 Cut off the top of the car tire with a craft knife.

4.2 Attach the stencils to both sides of the tire with tape and spray the shapes on them with paint.

4.3 Put a pillow in the car tire and the dog basket is ready.

You can find even more creative ideas with discarded car tires here:

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