32 ideas for beautiful spring decorations in the house and garden

32 ideas for beautiful spring decorations in the house and garden

When the snow has melted, the sun has fought its way through a layer of gray cloud and the birds fall into their atmospheric singsong again, the time has come – spring is here! And those who regularly turn their attention to lawns from now on will soon discover them too: the colorful early bloomers.

But we don’t just want to welcome the colorful spring in green areas or in parks, in our homes, in our gardens as well as on our balconies and terraces it should smell of spring and look like it.

Are you still looking for the right ideas for this? Then you will find suggestions for beautiful spring decorations here. Regardless of whether you are looking for tips for the garden, decoration for indoors or planting in general, we will put you in a spring-like mood.

1-3 Pretty flower arrangements

Do you love fresh flowers? Then these three tips are just right for you. Instead of putting them in the vase, you can arrange flowers in beautiful ensembles.

Here you come to the instructions for the three pretty flower decorations.

4th-10th Tips for always beautiful plants

Do you want the best for your plants, but you don’t have the experience? Then these tips are your salvation! Regardless of whether pests have attacked your plants, fruit flies are buzzing through your apartment or you are looking for the Holy Grail when it comes to fertilizer – you will find the right product with us.

Here you come to our tried and tested tips for beautiful plants.

11-15 Adorable ideas with flowers

Regardless of the shape and color: flowers are beautiful. Instead of putting them in the vase with their stems, however, you can also use them to make pretty things that not only look great, but sometimes also taste delicious.

Here you come to our extraordinary ideas with flowers.

16.-23. Tips for garden plants

Have you always wanted to have plants in your garden that also bear fruit? Then you will perfect your green thumb with these 8 tips. From strawberries to mushrooms to pineapples, everything is included!

Here you come to our tricks for your garden plants.

24. Beach chair made from Euro pallets

The best seller on the North and Baltic Sea beaches is definitely the beach chair. To get a little holiday feeling at home, you can build your own basket with a little muscle fat and a few euro pallets.

Here you can find the instructions for a beach chair made from Euro pallets.

25-27 Homemade flower pots

Succulents are not only natural works of art. Another fascinating thing is that you only need very little water. Succulents store it in their leaves, trunks and roots and can therefore easily survive longer periods of drought. Succulents are therefore very popular with “beginners” to plants. But hobby gardeners also like succulents and prefer them for their projects, as the undemanding but extremely pretty plants can be planted in unusual containers such as cups, glasses or tea caddies – these extraordinary flower pots can also be made by yourself.

Here you come to our ideas for three homemade flower pots.

28. Cute flower pot figures

Every year, when spring is just around the corner, many people ask themselves how they want to design their balcony or terrace. If your flower pots seem a bit boring to you, you will find a little inspiration here to bring them up to date.

Here you come to the handicraft instructions for the cute flower pot children.

29.-32. Flower tricks for decoration fans

Not only in the garden, on the balcony or terrace, but also indoors should spring arrive? Then simply decorate your home with the classic early bloomers. We’ll show you how easy it is!

Here you come to our spring-like flower decorations.

Pretty decoration ideas with flowers, fruit-bearing plants or a beautifully prepared garden – with these 32 ideas for spring decoration everyone will find a suitable project to realize themselves.

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