24 pictures show how satisfying food can be

24 pictures show how satisfying food can be

Images are posted incessantly on social networks. In addition to people and landscapes, photos of Essen are among the most popular motifs. For example, a 40-year-old woman regularly shares lunch with her father, who enjoys sending his “little ones” a photo of his main meal every day.

Tips and useful information for a healthy and balanced diet. (Scroll down to the article.)

However, there are also some pictures circulating on the Internet that seem to show delicious food that is not.
In addition to these rather funny photos, there are also tons of pictures of real food, most of which are also nicely arranged – among these incredibly delicious meals, one category stands out in particular, namely shots that just happened to be so perfect that they are perfect for you Just look at them to make your mouth water.

1.) When the sausage and the sandwich go together perfectly.

Cold cut perfection from r / oddly satisfying

2.) The perfect fried egg.

This egg.

3.) Almost too nice to lick.

Ice cream. from r / oddlysatisfying

4.) Doesn’t the melon look delicious?

This watermelon …

5.) The moment when cling film is almost invisible.

Cling Wrap Perfection

6.) What a cherry tower!

I can’t stop looking at it

7.) Carbon dioxide can look so beautiful.

That first level of bubbles from r / oddly satisfying

8.) The perfect breakfast.

This perfect pyramid of pancakes. from r / oddlysatisfying

9.) This feeling of happiness when no yogurt sticks to the inside of the lid after opening.


10.) Does anyone still have the Tetris melody in their head?

How these doers tots fit together.

11.) A spoon of pristine peanut butter.

This scoop of peanut butter. from r / oddlysatisfying

12.) Who doesn’t have their mouth watering at this sight?

My friends cookie jar.

13.) What a red cabbage!

Amazing Natural Geometry in Cabbage from r / pics

14.) A flower made from raw eggs.

These eggs …

15.) Cupcakes that look like they were painted.

16.) When the rest of the soup fits right on the plate.

Apparently I found the perfect bowl for my can of soup … from r / mildlyinteresting

17.) Who doesn’t feel like having a smoothie at this sight?

My smoothie this morning

18.) Perfect rice ball.

This dome of rice

19.) Cherry kissed by the sun.

This cherry I picked from my orchard is perfectly two toned!

20.) This is what cinnamon rolls should look like.

Cinnamon Rolls for Labor day [OC]

21.) The dream of all vegetable lovers, …

I was literally the first person to shop at this newly opened grocery store

22.) … but also fruit fanatics get their money’s worth.

Fruits stacked perfectly at the supermarket.

23.) Bermuda triangle in the glass.

This ice in my drink from r / oddlysatisfying

24.) Unbelievable how the melon pieces fit into the freezer bag.

The way these fit in the bag

Regardless of whether it’s the perfect soft ice cream, a tower of cherries or a plate filled to the brim – after these 24 photos one thing is clear: the eye will definitely eat with you.
Those who can’t get enough of such perfect-looking pictures can breathe a sigh of relief, because there are numerous other recordings that have nothing to do with food, but still make the hearts of perfectionists beat faster – well then, have fun languishing.

Here you can find more pictures of things that just go together perfectly:

Source: buzzfeed

Thumbnails: © reddit / horseradishfistfight © reddit / Ghost_Animator

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