23-year-old has 11 children and wants at least 100

23-year-old has 11 children and wants at least 100

A few years ago, Christina went on a beach vacation in the Georgian port city of Batumi, where she met the Russian millionaire and company boss Galip Ozturk, who works in the hotel industry. The now 23-year-old immediately fell in love with her “Prince Charming”, as she put it herself. But Galip, too, was blown away by her.

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“It’s so straightforward with her. She always has a smile on her face, but at the same time she is reserved and mysterious. She is exactly how I always imagined a wife to be. A diamond in the rough, a woman with a pure, lovely heart, ”says Galip, who soon married the young woman.

Soon the two wished they had children together, a lot of children. “I myself gave birth to Vika, my oldest daughter. She is now six years old, ”explains the young mother – Vika comes from a previous relationship.

However, in order to satisfy their extraordinary desire for children, the couple turned to well-paid surrogate mothers who are legally allowed to work for couples who are heterosexual and married in their adopted country of Georgia. In ten months Christina and Galip had ten children this way. The smallest saw the light of day in January of this year. For each surrogate motherhood, the couple spent the equivalent of around 8,000 euros per child.

“The children are our biological children, my egg cells and my husband’s semen, but they were not carried by me. The clinic in Batumi selects the surrogate mothers and takes full responsibility for the whole process. We do not know the surrogate mothers personally and we have no other contact with them in order to avoid problems after the pregnancy, ”says Christina.

The 23-year-old had said on a social media account a while ago that they might have over a hundred children. Christina later said that this was not a fixed number, but the two wanted to start a very large family. A larger family – and faster than the young mother would be physically capable of, which is why the couple ultimately opted for surrogate mothers. Ten children are definitely not enough, but time will tell at which number they want to stop.

The word “having children” takes on a whole new meaning. But at least they could offer a secure life for over a hundred children.

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