22 year old transgender shows metamorphosis over two years

22 year old transgender shows metamorphosis over two years

“Everything used to be gray. I was alive, but not alive. ”This is what 22-year-old Taylor said about her past life before she started hormone replacement therapy in 2018 and began her gender reassignment from man to woman.

Since then she has recorded her career in numerous pictures. In particular, the direct juxtapositions – when she shows herself as an inconspicuous boy at the beginning of her studies, at the time of her coming out, at the beginning of hormone replacement therapy and finally with pink curls – impressively illustrate Taylor’s transformation, which is not only external.

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When the American from Colorado started to study, she was depressed, lacking self-confidence, and found it difficult to motivate herself and feel joy. She quarreled with herself.

She was not yet aware of her transsexuality and wanted to compensate for her insecurity by trying to find more self-confidence in her role as a man. Taylor grew a beard and even started lifting and exercising weights to look more manly.

But the more masculine she got, the more uncomfortable she felt: “I behaved like a real person and did things that real people would do, but everything felt so fake.”

Taylor found herself during her studies. She not only accepted her feminine appearance, but also admitted her transsexuality. She even took the life-changing step and started hormone replacement therapy.

“Shortly after it started, the difference was amazing. Only a few days after I had estrogen in my body, everything had changed noticeably. ”On the one hand, physically, of course, as the breasts began to grow and the skin became more tender.

On the other hand, psychologically: “It was as if I could see colors for the first time; as if I had just learned to smile; as if I had never noticed all the beautiful trees, flowers, grass and stones around me. “

“I felt emotions that I didn’t even know existed,” says Taylor. She is happy that she no longer has to suppress her feelings – whether positive or negative.

About her career as a transgender, she says: “I finally see a real person in the mirror. It’s like the mask I’ve been wearing all my life has slowly come off. Every day my reflection makes more and more sense. “

Taylor continues to document her career on Instagram under the name taylorave. She is now about to graduate in biochemistry and has become engaged to Jessica, also a transgender woman. The final surgery to complete the gender reassignment is still pending.

Taylor has no doubts that he made the right decision: “In summary, I would say that I feel ‘real’ now. I feel happy and right and am satisfied and grateful that I can finally live as a real person. “

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