21 everyday objects that should not be missing in Japan

21 everyday objects that should not be missing in Japan

Japan: This country is probably one of the most innovative countries in the world. The trains always arrive exactly to the minute, with maximum delays of an average of 18 seconds. There is even a magnet train that can reach an incredible 550 km / h top speed!

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

But there are also other things that make the Land of the Rising Sun so special: In addition to interesting designs for mailboxes, humidifiers and the like, you can also find imaginative approaches to solving everyday problems.

Here are 21 of those quirky everyday items that can be found in Japan:

1. A humidifier in the shape of Godzilla that roars and blows out water vapor.

My Godzilla humidifier! It breathes water vapor and even roars! from r / mildlyinteresting

2. Chips that taste like … blueberries. Blueberry-flavored chips. I think I have to say that again: blueberry chips …

3. Now we know why Japan is so clean. Translation: “Thank you for keeping the toilet clean. If you see anyone messing up, let me know. I’ll get rid of it. “

4. Construction workers jackets with integrated air conditioning.

These air conditioned construction worker jackets in Japan. from r / mildlyinteresting

5. An innovative electric means of transport that can be stowed in your pocket. No more unnecessary searching for a parking space!

6. A mailbox in the Gameboy design.

Game boy mailbox

7. The shoes are guaranteed to always stay fresh and clean.

8. These frogs keep you company at train stations as they symbolize a safe return home.

9. The favorite animal in teabag format.

10. Sticky notes that, when used, reveal a beautiful Japanese landscape.

11. And manga characters everywhere.

12. With this creative packaging, toilet paper can be carried home much more relaxed.

13. Parking spaces for dogs, which are specially signposted.

14. Good protection from the hot noodle soup.

15. Informative signs on the correct use of the toilet.

16. Statues and irrigation systems of the other kind.

17. And these statues cannot be missing either! So you are always adequately welcomed.

18. Please not so loud!

19. Mario Kart style karting on the streets of Japan.

20. This helmet is actually a chair that can be quickly converted in the event of an earthquake.

21. Shoes that can be wrapped around the foot.

These imaginative and sometimes just very weird things are sure to make everyday life more fun in Japan. But just like with us, where, for example, the school bags for school enrollment and the waste separation are a matter of course, the presented objects are a part of Japan and make the country what it is.

In other countries, too, there are always various curiosities to be discovered. If you want to see it for yourself, you should definitely click on the following links:

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