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20 valuable tricks for your bathroom

20 valuable tricks for your bathroom

You don’t have to go to a spa for wellness and relaxation. You can also treat yourself to a nice pampering program in your own bathroom. To make your bathroom look a little bit more attractive, today we’re going to show you a few chic DIY ideas. But we also have quick solutions in stock for known problems such as clogged drains or toilets. The following 20 tips and tricks will transform your bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing and will help you in many emergency situations in everyday life.

1. Make pipe cleaner yourself without chemicals

If the drain in the bathtub or sink is blocked again, you don’t need to use expensive drain cleaner from the supermarket. Instead of swinging the chemical club, which loosens the blockage, but can also attack the pipes, you can use a tried and tested home recipe whose “main ingredient” is a true all-rounder in the household: baking powder. Here you can find the instructions for the pipe cleaner.

2-3 Make toothbrush holder and soap yourself

2 very cool things you can make out of old toys: a toothbrush holder and really nice soap. You can find the instructions here.

4th-11th 8 secret tricks for visiting the bathroom

Everyone does it, nobody talks about it. Using the toilet is a largely taboo subject in our society. Historically not at all comprehensible. The ancient Romans even sat together on the latrine. And in the Middle Ages, people usually emptied themselves publicly on the street without any feeling of shame. Today the toilet is often called a “quiet place”. People insist on their privacy and consequently speak less about their experiences on the porcelain throne. We’ll tell you 8 little secrets about the toilet that will make your visit there much more pleasant.

12. Loosen blockages in the toilet

If you don’t have a plunger to hand, but the toilet is clogged and threatens to overflow, the following trick will help you out of a mess.

13. Dry and soft: this is how 3 towels become a great shower mat

If you are not careful, you can slip on the wet bathroom floor after showering or trip over the towel. That is why a shower mat is recommended to minimize the risk of slipping. If ordinary bathroom rugs are too boring for you, you can easily make one yourself. Here you can find the instructions for the shower mat.

14. Funny catch in the bathroom

There are a thousand things in the household that need a hook: towels, keys, pot holders and oven mitts are just a few of them. Of course you can be satisfied with what retailers have to offer. Then you usually have nothing more than bland, white plastic hooks on the walls. This hook, on the other hand, provides a colorful variety with a lot of humor.

15-17. Great to give away: 3 homemade soaps

Making soap yourself sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. All you need is a few ingredients and our ideas. The following 3 DIY soaps are ideal for those who like to pamper their hands, and they are also great gift ideas. Here you can find the instructions for the great DIY soaps.

18. Make your own tabs for a clean toilet

No one really enjoys cleaning the toilet. Sometimes debris pops up under the rim that could have been straight out of a horror movie. Nevertheless, nobody can avoid cleaning, because only one thing is worse than cleaning the toilet: having to sit on a contaminated toilet. With these self-made toilet bubblers, stink and dirt in the pot are a thing of the past. Here you can find the instructions for the cleaning tabs for the toilet.

19. Cork shower mat

This homemade shower mat is not just a visual eye-catcher. The feeling when you step on the mat with your bare feet after the shower is just pleasant. Here you can find the instructions for the shower mat made of cork.

20. Fold toilet paper

Do you have the toilet roll at home on a specially designed holder or is the most important role in your life within easy reach of the toilet on a plinth or a cupboard? No matter where, none of us can imagine going to the toilet without the soft paper. Reason enough not only to use the role, but also to make it look pretty. Find the tricks for folding toilet paper here.

So save yourself your next visit to the spa and enjoy a little break in your own bathroom. And if your toilet is blocked in the future, you already know two quick solutions. Everyone should know these DIY ideas for the bathroom.

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