20 tasteless designs

20 tasteless designs

The past has already shown that some designers either do not think about their work, overshoot the mark or even act without meaning or understanding. Well, the stream of insane designs does not stop. The internet continues to be inundated with questionable creations. Some of these atrocities are compiled on the Instagram page “Ugly Design”.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Be it an innovative holder for headphones, an interesting toilet construction or a strange clothing design – the following 20 photos are proof that there are designs that are as tasteless as they are funny.

1. “Look me in the eye, little one.”

2. Interesting interim solution.

3. Fits, wobbles and has air.

4. This is where romance arises.

5. How do you come up with such an idea?

6. The most stylish grill ever.

7. It’s creepy and disturbing at the same time.

8. Pants or sweater? Sweater or pants?

9. So you are always one step ahead of the others.

10. Damned to drooping corners of the mouth.

11. The backpack for true Pokémon trainers.

12. Here the word “bum bag” was taken very seriously.

13. Why not? Women always go to the toilet together anyway.

14. At least they have their hands free.

15. Hear, hear!

16. This pacifier design leaves you speechless.

17. Bag with four uds … – uh, feet.

18. Artificial webbed feet for faster movement in the water – really now?

19. Notable advertising campaign.

20. Everyone wants to float through the water on an oversized, super absorbent sanitary napkin, right?

These 20 pictures show things the world doesn’t need. As questionable as these designs may be, one thing they are definitely: absolutely entertaining!

Thumbnails: © Instagram / uglydesigns © Instagram / uglydesigns

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