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20 signals that will help you know he’s the right one

20 signals that will help you know he’s the right one

If a woman comes up with the idea of ​​falling in love with one of those “terrible hairy beasts” called men, then at least she should see to it that the right one is caught. Tastes are of course different – no question about it. Still, there are a few signals that “Mr. Right ”from the rest of his species.

If you can tick each of the following points, then you can be sure that you have hit the jackpot with your partner.

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20 signs he’s right for you:

1. He shaves off your beard for you if it bothers you.

Death of a beard

2. He can explain things to you without being condescending.


3. He is ready to change his toilet habits for you and pees while sitting.

[quick start technology]

4. He takes care of himself because he wants to please you, not because he is vain.

Handsome man

5. Even boredom is nice with him.

sweet dreams closeup

6. He helps around the house without needing any instructions from you.

Clean laundry

7. He senses when you are feeling bad before you say something.

if it's any consolation, i think i love you

8. You fit together in bed like lids on pots.


9. With him you can be crazy and sad, sensual and lazy like a couch potato.

The Mouthing Off Series: The Pizza-Off

10. He asks you what he should bring you from shopping.

Troll song

11. You can absolutely rely on him.

RJ and Natalie

12. With every argument, your relationship grows instead of wavering.

vicious argument

13. He knows how to get you out of the deepest emotional hole.

7/365: Tomorrow

14. He’s not your type at all – and you don’t really care.

love (and fun) at the Alamo

15. Even after all these years, he can still surprise you.


16. With him, the relationship remains exciting even without playing.

May 20th,

17. He inspires you.

Still Feels Like The First Time

18. You can wake him up at any time if his snoring does not let you sleep.

Sleepless nights!

19. You haven’t thought about your ex in ages.

Diane & ex-boyfriend

20. Laughing together is no more exhilarating than with him.


Much in a relationship is fleeting: not everyone becomes prettier with age, common goals are reached at some point. This is why mutual attention, support, honesty and humor are so important – and distinguish good from bad partners.

And you? Did you hit the jackpot or does your partner still have development potential? Vote and see how the others fare:

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Thumbnails: © Flickr / Tim Parkinson © Flickr / RHiNO NEAL

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