20 random photos of giants

20 random photos of giants

Photography sometimes seems like rocket science. How else can it be that you don’t recognize yourself at all in some photos? A special perspective and a different lighting are sufficient to transform the photographed object into an optical illusion – for example into a mighty giant, as in the following pictures.

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Do you feel small and insignificant? No problem: with the right angle and a suitable background, anyone can become a giant. The accidentally snapped illusions and optical illusions in these pictures are the best proof of this:

1. A giantess relaxes with a swim in the ocean. The mountains are a comfortable neck pillow.

This woman seems as if she’s a giant lounging in the ocean on a large mountain. from r / mildlyinteresting

2. Hopefully he leaves the temple intact.

Our tour guide took this photo of our group at Angkor Wat earlier today, thought it belonged here from r / confusing_perspective

3. You always want to have him on your team when playing beach volleyball.

A Giant at the Muscle Beach from r / illusionporn

4. A giant roams through the woods.

My grandfather looks like a giant in this photo. from r / mildlyinteresting

5. “My already big friend (over two meters) accidentally took a photo with an optical illusion.”

Already tall (7ft or more) friend accidentally takes optical illusion photo from r / funny

6. The little guy is brave to venture onto the giant’s property just like that.

The optical illusion of this photograph makes it look like there is a micro-human next to my mate. from r / mildlyinteresting

7. Even giants have to keep fit – for example with pull-ups at the waterfall.

A giant hanging from a waterfall. from r / confusing_perspective

8. Who do we have there?

We were taking photos one day on a beach in Mexico whilst on acid and this one really tripped us out. from r / pics

9. A cross-country skier in the truest sense of the word.

My brother looks like a fucking giant in this easter pic from r / mildlyinteresting

10. A giantess resting, photographed from the air.

My friend looks like a giant from r / mildlyinteresting

11. The landscape looks like from the model kit.

Took this photo, Later realized that she looked huge from r / pics

12. “My son, who climbs a rotten tree stump, looks like a giant climbing mountains.”

My boy climbing an old rotten tree stump looks like a giant climbing mountains. from r / pics

13. Sometimes the lighting also creates optical illusions.

The lighting at my schools talent show made this picture look photoshopped from r / mildlyinteresting

14. A real seating giant.

The way my friends Uncle is sitting, makes him look like a giant! from r / mildlyinteresting

15. The Himalayas are a little uncomfortable to sit on.

This picture of a friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains from r / mildlyinteresting

16. David versus Goliath.

Tiny kid, giant dad. from r / confusing_perspective

17. Modern houses should not only be well insulated, they should also be extremely secure.

Beware the giant lady! from r / pics

18. No, this picture is not photoshopped.

My friends look like giants. from r / mildlyinteresting

19. It always depends on the angle.

This photo makes me and my friends look like Giants in a forest. from r / pics

20. “Ouch! Let me go!”

As you can see, whether you have what it takes to be a giant is just a question of perspective and perspective. In addition, chance always plays a significant role in how you look in the photo. How moody the camera lens can be can also be seen in the following images of optical illusions and illusions:

Thumbnail: © Reddit / Ahowardusf

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