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20 pets that spice up the home office

20 pets that spice up the home office

Home office is both a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, being able to do your work comfortably from quarantine in Corona times is a great privilege. On the other hand, muddling around at home can get pretty boring and lonely over time – unless you have pets.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

Those who share their workplace with dogs, cats, rabbits and the like are guaranteed not to be bored. Even if they don’t speak our language, animals are basically just like our two-legged colleagues – sometimes funny and sweet, sometimes moody and exhausting. The following home workers can confirm that home office and pets are an exciting combination:

1. “My colleague was so nice to give me a free tattoo.”

2. “Today I had to complain to the HR department about my colleagues. They need a refresher on ‘showing affection in public.’ “

3. “My colleague pees everywhere, doesn’t stop begging me for food and screams when I leave the room.”

4. “My colleague crawled under my covers at three at night, ran through my picture during a video conference and tried to steal my toast this morning.”

5. “My colleague, actually my boss, jumped to the window, made it up to the ceiling fan, where he promptly rappelled one down, whereupon the poop fell down and landed on my bed.”

6. “My colleague has just been promoted to branch manager.”

7. “My colleague is rude and keeps sticking out his tongue.”

8. “My colleague was caught doing pole dancing at dinner.”

9. “My colleague is always licking my laptop and trying to make eye contact with me.”

10. “My colleague is sitting here seriously naked and licking his genitals.”

11. “I have to keep pulling my colleague out of the toilet.”

12. “My colleague made me wrap him in his favorite blanket like a baby and hold him while I watched a movie.”

13. “Maverick from Human Resources kissed me at work last night. I don’t know where to report this. “

14. “My colleague doesn’t stop staring at me. I don’t know what he wants. He doesn’t tell me. “

15. “My colleague doesn’t stop sticking his hand under the door when I’m in the bathroom.”

16. “My colleague is sitting on the arm of the sofa and waiting for my sister to come home, even though she is upstairs because the school is closed.”

17. “My colleague overdoes it a little with washing hands.”

18. “I suspect that my colleague is always drunk at work. I will definitely report that to the HR department. “

19. “My colleague doesn’t want to get off my bed, even if I ask him to.”

20. When the boss wants to have a word with you.

Mr. Fred is taking to quarantine just fine. from r / aww

These coworkers are so cute that you just can’t be mad at them if they occasionally distract you. Pets don’t understand what home office means and are simply happy that their owners are at home more often.

Even if working from home is a foreign word for them, some four-legged friends behave more exemplary than people in Corona times: for example these 16 animals who have perfectly understood the concept of “social distancing”.

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