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20 funny things that only happen at Deutsche Bahn

20 funny things that only happen at Deutsche Bahn

Abroad, Germans have a reputation for being extremely punctual and reliable. However, if you take our local and long-distance public transport as a yardstick, you have to realize with consternation that our international image is unsound.

Because when it comes to punctuality and reliability, Deutsche Bahn is notorious. Almost everyone has had experience with it. What else can you do but take the frustration and anger that has arisen with humor? Sometimes you discover situations that are involuntarily funny, but sometimes the Bahn employees themselves have a great sense of humor – as the following 20 examples clearly demonstrate.

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1. Finally someone says it!

2. Sometimes you are in the best of hands there.

3. If that happened to the ATM …

4. That was the problem from the start.

5. Someone has probably not read the instructions for use correctly.

6. Together with Hinz and Kunz we arrive now and then.

7. Oh, you’re not the only one.

8. How long have I waited for this direct connection!

9. But please without detours and delays.

10. No. 10 comes in a double pack: The computer on the ICE 947 to Berlin seems to have its problems.

11. With warp drive to Cologne.

12. There is also that: personal greetings to the retiree.

13. Sleep well!

14. A time travel train or more than six decades delay?

15. Supercalifragilistic exppialigetic

16. And someone should say that flying is better than traveling by train!

17. What are sixteen and a half hours?

18. I always have the feeling: “Oh Maria …”

19. Almost! One last picture is yet to come.

20. It has to be English today …

In the sense of the last picture: Always happy! But with all the annoyance about train cancellations and delays, one should not forget that the railway employees, who are often left out of frustration, can do little for the external circumstances and the misconduct of the company management.

By the way: Not only the scoreboards and displays shown here, but also all the strange and funny train announcements invite you to smile.

Source: BahnAnsagen

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