20 funny pictures of camouflage effects

20 funny pictures of camouflage effects

Squids and chameleons are the undisputed masters of camouflage in the animal kingdom. But sometimes it doesn’t take much skill to become invisible, as you can see in the following funny pictures.

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Camouflage is a vital strategy for animals and soldiers. In any case, the perfect camouflage costs a lot of energy and brainpower. In these pictures, however, chance created the ultimate camouflage effect:

1. “My white coffee this morning was the same shade of brown as my mug.”

My coffee + milk had the same shade of brown as my mug this morning from r / mildlyinteresting

2. Over time, you will not only look more and more like your pets, but also your furniture.

Suburban combat ready! from r / AccidentalCamouflage

3. “Don’t step on him!”

Don’t step on him. from r / AccidentalCamouflage

4. A husky in his element.

A white husky enjoying the last of the snow. (xpost from r / husky) from r / AccidentalCamouflage

5. “When you go to a public event but still don’t want to be seen.”

Does this belong here from r / AccidentalCamouflage

6. An astronomical sensation: the purring center of a black hole.

VOID kitty from r / AccidentalCamouflage

7. “I couldn’t find my tortilla.”

Couldn’t find my tortilla. from r / AccidentalCamouflage

8. “My black cat looks like the shadow of my white cat.”

The shadow … from r / AccidentalCamouflage

9. Camouflage socks are all the rage.

Invisible Man in the suit from r / AccidentalCamouflage

10. No, this is not a free fall cup.

Dog with a Starbucks cup in its snout from r / AccidentalCamouflage

11. It becomes one with the chair.

It’s perfect. from r / AccidentalCamouflage

12. “The marble floor may not have been the best idea.”

Marble floor probably wasn’t the best idea from r / AccidentalCamouflage

13. This owl has chosen the perfect home.

The perfect camouflage! from r / interestingasfuck

14. “My scarf went pretty well with the hotel carpet.”

My scarf matched the hotel carpet pretty well from r / AccidentalCamouflage

15. Something is wrong with the middle finger …

Pinky Finger from r / tinyanimalsonfingers

16. “My shirt blends in really well with this flowerbed.”

My shirt does a fine job blending me in this bed of flowers from r / AccidentalCamouflage

17. A fluffy master of camouflage.

Camewflage from r / AccidentalCamouflage

18. Where did your bottom half go?

Only a top from r / AccidentalCamouflage

19. “I almost stepped on him.”

Almost stepped on him from r / AccidentalCamouflage

20. This avocado is about to take off.

how many avocados do you see from r / AccidentalCamouflage

You have to look very carefully at some of these pictures. Chance is and remains the greatest master of camouflage – and the greatest artist anyway. Even Photoshop and Co. cannot keep up with such wonderful random moments.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / NooaJ © Reddit / Matarskra

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