20 funny pictures of advertising fails

20 funny pictures of advertising fails

Advertising works – we notice that when jingles and commercials haunt our brains decades later. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad advertising. On the contrary: advertising that is so embarrassingly bad that it shakes you with foreign shame is even more firmly established in your memory. If it goes after that, the following advertising failures will be remembered for a long time.

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Quality has its price. If you want to put your product or company in a good light, you should employ a professional advertising agency. The advertising fails in these funny pictures was probably more likely caused by an intern armed with Photoshop:

1. This lingerie store places great emphasis on realistic mannequins.

Finally a realistic mannequins in women’s lingerie store from r / CrappyDesign

2. Here a sleep mask is advertised and at the same time warned against nose operations.

This ebay advertisement for a sleep mask photo shopped out her nose and left one nostril from r / CrappyDesign

3. “We cut children.” Threat or service?

We cut kids from r / CrappyDesign

4. When “full flexibility” is not enough.

Yeah very flexible from r / CrappyDesign

5. A new hipster hairstyle trend? No, just a white towel.

2018 hair trend? from r / CrappyDesign

6. “Look into the future!” Advises this advertising poster to young academics – even if the future is an approaching train.

This ad for graduation photography from r / CrappyDesign

7. Look me in the eyes, little one!

I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art. from r / CrappyDesign

8. Imposing stilts.

This guy’s frog legs featured in an ad from r / CrappyDesign

9. The right background image for an intestinal drug.

This colon cleanse ad is so bad it’s hilarious from r / CrappyDesign

10. This vacuum cleaner seems to inspire all around.

Well, now that the floors are clean … from r / CrappyDesign

11. Travel mood or stroke? This advertising poster for air travel suggests nothing good.

I think she should go to the hospital instead of booking a flight … from r / CrappyDesign

12. The magic bus number 9 3/4 to Hogwarts has arrived.

This really odd advertisement for transit around my city (Where did the bus driver come from?!?!) From r / CrappyDesign

13. A warm shower works wonders for tension and a broken throat.

Awww yisss finally a shower that works with my broken neck from r / funny

14. A wellness dream: speed down the motorway with your eyes closed and a massage pillow.

Enjoy a nice massage in a moving car with your eyes closed from r / CrappyDesign

15. Is a fairy tale character poisoned with an apple the ideal figurehead for “children’s apples”?

A bag of apples with a character on it that got poisoned by an apple from r / CrappyDesign

16. The suspension chosen is a bit unfortunate.

It almost seems intentional from r / CrappyDesign

17. Of happy cows.

Found this in an ad today from r / CrappyDesign

18. The main thing is that the helmet fits!

Hard hats are for safety from r / CrappyDesign

19. “What is your favorite food?” – “China.”

Ah yes, China, my favorite food from r / CrappyDesign

20. Deeply relaxed and laced up like a rollmops – nothing to be desired in this spa.

This woman turning into fish roll from r / CrappyDesign

It is hard to imagine that money was actually paid for these hair-raising advertising failures. And that nobody seemed to even blink an eyelid before letting them loose on the public.

For more examples of bad and crazy ads, check out these fun pictures:

Thumbnails: © Reddit / Bukkake_Monster © Reddit / rosalina888

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