20 funny complaints from toddlers

20 funny complaints from toddlers

Life is not a request concert – this hard insight matures over the years. However, toddlers have yet to learn to cope with life’s big and small disappointments. It is therefore not always easy for parents to understand what is on their offspring’s liver. Sometimes the complaints of the little crossheads are so funny that you just have to write them down.

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Life with children poses new challenges every day. One of the supreme disciplines of the Parents Olympiad is definitely mastering the many whims and outbursts of anger of the offspring. How hard this is can be seen in the funny complaints from children that parents share on Instagram and Reddit.

1. “It’s 7 ° C outside and my parents won’t let me crawl into the lake.”

2. “My daughter once had a total existential crisis when she found out that she would have to pee every day of her life.” (© Reddit / DrunkUranus)

3. “I came out of the store and saw a child lying motionless on the floor. I asked what was going on and the father said, ‘He’s angry because his gloves match his jacket.’ “

4. “Now that I work from home (my desk is in my bedroom), my three-year-old says every time I cause him inconvenience to get back to work.” (© Reddit / Northern_Way)

5. “Noticing in a supermarket: A mother lets her little son choose an ice cream. The child chooses some kind of banana ice cream on a stick and the mother says ‘No.’ The child starts to cry. The mother says, ‘I thought you didn’t like bananas.’ The child immediately stops crying, says: ‘Oh, that’s right’ and chooses another. “(© Reddit / fork_hands_mcmike)

6. “My kids always complained that I couldn’t change the weather. ‘No, we can’t go to the park, it’s raining. ”-‘ Mom, just make it stop. ‘ Little children really think their parents are all powerful. ”(© Reddit / DTownForever)

7. “You couldn’t give me a headbut.”

8. “My daughter once said: ‘I don’t like it when you talk.’ Is noted. “(© Reddit / User1539)

9. “That may be a bit gross, but when my son was 3 years old he had an upset stomach and he came to me crying to tell me that his ‘bottom was vomiting’.” (© Reddit / lost40s)

10. “My three year old had a nervous breakdown because he wasn’t in our five year old wedding photos. He said we didn’t love him and that was why we didn’t invite him to our wedding. ”(© Reddit / pedantic_dullard)

11. “When your toddler doesn’t want to sit in the stroller, but doesn’t want to walk either.”

12. “My nephew went crazy and cried because his boot didn’t fit on his head like a hat.” (© Reddit / SavageInkStudios)

13. “My boy cried after stuffing a sandwich (in the early 90s) into the VCR and not playing a film about sandwiches.” (© Reddit / Fluffyfluffycake)

14. “Matthew is angry because I told him toothbrushes were for the mouth, not the toilet.”

15. “When our daughter was 3, I forbade her to paint the dog with chalk. She peppered the chalk on the floor, looked at me angrily and shouted: ‘Dad, you are ruining my life!’ “(© Reddit / natural_imbecility)

16. “My friend woke the children up and told them it was Monday and they had to get ready for school. The reaction: ‘I don’t like Monday … hate Monday … you’re Monday!’ PS: That came from a four-year-old. “(© Reddit / straighttoplaid)

17. “My six-year-old once yelled during a violent fit of rage: ‘I’m too tired to go to sleep!'” (© Reddit / theroutesetters)

18. “My aunt and my younger cousin visited us once. He was three years old at the time, and my neighbor also had a three-year-old. They were playing together in my back yard when I heard my cousin scream, ‘No, I am three! You can’t be three! ‘ And he wrestled the other boy to the ground. ”(© Reddit / leiladobadoba)

19. “My little sister, lying on her back and staring into the lamp: ‘My eyes hurt!’ – ‘Then stop staring into the lamp.’ – ‘No!’ “(© Reddit / audriuska12)

20. “If you ruin a five-year-old’s birthday by not allowing her to untie dog waste bags and scatter them around the area like rose petals, you may not be made for parenting.”

It’s just too delicious what children can get upset about. So it’s worth collecting the funny complaints and presenting them to the youngsters in book form on their 18th birthday.

More funny anecdotes and pictures that perfectly summarize life with children can be found here:

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