20 fascinating pictures of illusions

20 fascinating pictures of illusions

Sometimes your own senses play tricks on you. If you discover faces and other things in everyday objects everywhere, you don’t have to go to the nearest psychiatrist right away. The phenomenon is called “pareidolia” and is not only completely normal, but also quite entertaining, as you can see in the following pictures.

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Monstrous clouds, faces in vegetables and living trees – our everyday life is full of illusions and optical illusions, as these fascinating and funny pictures show:

1. “Donald Trump, discovered in a dog’s ear.”

Donald Trump Found In A Dogs Ear from r / pics

2. “The blanket in my dog’s bed looks like a dog.”

blanket in my dogs bed looks like a dog from r / confusing_perspective

3. The ice-cold hand.

Sometimes Mother Nature can be creepy. (Chesaning, MI) from r / pics

4. The eggplant gives the green light to cooking.

Best eggplant ever 😎👍 from r / pics

5. Do you see a man running into the woods at first sight?

6. “The scrap of paper that is frozen to the inside of my refrigerator looks like a dachshund.”

The piece of paper that is frozen to the back of my fridge looks like a wiener dog. from r / funny

7. A tomato face that follows you into your sleep.

8. “I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl.”

I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl from r / mildlyinteresting

9. “I woke up to find that my wife switched the clothes rack yesterday.”

Woke up and discovered my wife moved our coat stand yesterday. from r / funny

10. “Do you also see a pig with curlers in it or have I lost my mind?”

11. “There is a knot on a tree in a man’s garden that looks like an old couple – so he breathed life into it.”

There’s a tree knot in a yard a man thought looked like a regency era couple, so he brought them to life from r / interestingasfuck

12. Godzilla is hunting fleecy clouds.

Godzilla Cloud from r / interestingasfuck

13. “After my 17th near-heart attack, I realized that I really had to move my lamp somewhere else.”

After my 17th near-heart-attack, I realized- I really need to move my lamp. from r / Wellthatsucks

14. The turtle’s reflection looks like the face of a bearded man.

Turtle with a reflection that resembles a face of a man from r / Pareidolia

15. Nature turns to attack.

This tree looks like Swamp Thing from r / mildlyinteresting

16. “A cat-shaped crack above my light switch.”

Cat formed by cracks above my light switch from r / Pareidolia

17. “The pattern on my dog’s chest looks like a sneezing cat.”

The pattern on my dogs chest looks like a cat mid sneeze from r / mildlyinteresting

18. “My potato looks like it is about to flee from itself.”

My potato looks like it’s trying to escape itself from r / mildlyinteresting

19. “A snowman bubble in my packet of soy sauce.”

This snowman air bubble in my soy sauce packet from r / mildlyinteresting

20. A decapitated troll? No, just a boulder.

This rock that looks like a severed head from r / mildlyinteresting

Our brain apparently drives its own film and lets us discover similarities everywhere. Sometimes it goes so far that we can no longer believe our own eyes. On the other hand, life would be pretty boring without optical illusions, don’t you think?

Thumbnails: © Reddit / crinnoire © Reddit / BanksyBhoy

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