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20 Evidence of the Power of Genes

20 Evidence of the Power of Genes

Genes are moody: sometimes the similarity is unmistakable, sometimes it seems to skip several generations. This is the only way to explain why some people look more like their grandparents than their parents. In any case, one cannot escape the familial gene pool, as the following fascinating pictures show.

Exciting and inspiring videos that make you think. (Scroll down to the article.)

Old family photos hold some surprises in store. How can it be, for example, that you hardly look like your siblings, but look like the face of your great-great-grandfather? You can understand the amazement of the people in these pictures very well:

1. “My daughter and I have the same dimple on our forehead.”

My daughter and I have the same dimple in our foreheads. from r / mildlyinteresting

2. “The Ottoman ruler Mehmed II (born 1432) and his current descendant.”

Ottoman emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmed (Born in 1432) and his grandson today from r / AncestryDNA

3. “My paternal grandfather and me.”

Me and my Paternal grandfather from r / AncestryDNA

4. Mother and daughter both have the same heterochromia: a different color of the eyes.

a friend of mine took this picture at a clinic. rare condition from mother to daughter from r / pics

5. “My great (× 4) grandfather and me.”

My 3x great grandfather and I from r / AncestryDNA

6. “Apparently I look a bit like my great-great-grandfather.”

Apparently I bear some resemblance to my great great grandfather from r / pics

7. “Me and my maternal grandmother.”

Me and my maternal great grandmother from r / AncestryDNA

8. “Now I know where I got my lips from. I always thought I had inherited them from my mother’s side, but they came from my father’s side. “

Welp, I know where my lips and nose come from. I always thought my lips were inherited from my maternal side but these are paternal all the way! from r / AncestryDNA

9. The daughter of Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon is also cut out of her mother’s face.

10. “My mother and me.”

My mother and I from r / AncestryDNA

11. “My father’s genes are strong. My doppelganger! “

My fathers genes run strong 🧬 My twin! from r / AncestryDNA

12. “Some say I look like my father.”

Some say I look like my dad from r / pics

13. “My paternal grandmother’s photo of the year and a photo of me, around the same age.”

My paternal grandmother’s senior year portrait, and a photo of me at around the same age. from r / AncestryDNA

14. “My grandma and my little sister – 64 years difference. They look almost identical. “

My Nana and my little sister, 64 years apart. They’re nearly identical! from r / Damnthatsinteresting

15. “My mother and me. We’re 30 years apart, but we share a guitar. “

My mother and I, separated by 30 years, sharing 1 guitar from r / AncestryDNA

16. “My grandfather and I are the same age.”

My grandfather and I at the same age. from r / AncestryDNA

17. “My sister and I have the same time in exactly the same place on the arm.”

Me and my sister have a freckle on the same arm in the exact same place. from r / mildlyinteresting

18. “My great-grandmother and I, both at the age of 18.”

My great-grandma & me, both at 18 from r / AncestryDNA

19. “My direct ancestor on my father’s side, 506 years apart.”

My direct paternal grandfather, born 506 years apart from r / AncestryDNA

The old adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is always true. There is something confusing, but also something calming and beautiful, to see that we have so much of our parents and grandparents in us, don’t you think?

These funny and exciting pictures provide further evidence of the power of genes:

Thumbnail: © Reddit / eagleeyerattlesnake

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