20 cute cat pictures: great experiences with cats

20 cute cat pictures: great experiences with cats

Cats have a reputation for being stubborn loners – wrongly, as you can see in the following cute pictures. Because when a cat finds the right person, it is the most loyal and loving companion one could wish for.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the cat pictures.)

Earning a cat’s trust is not easy. But once you’ve made it, the house tigers give you unforgettable experiences and wonderful moments like these:

1. “My husband has been working from home since March 27, but Marty is still waiting for him on the doorstep at 5:00 pm every day.”

My husband has been working from home since March 27 but Marty still waits for him at the front door at 5pm every day from r / aww

2. “They disposed of you like garbage. And I saved you like a treasure … “

3. “Saved a hangover on the highway today. I drove up without hesitation and got him off the street. “

Saved a cat in the freeway today I45 no hesitation pulled over immediately, grabbed from traffic. from r / aww

4. So the home office can be endured for years.

Desk buddy from r / aww

5. “I am her eyesight and she is my heart.”

I’m her eyes and she is my heart. from r / cats

6. Actually, this woman only wanted to pet cats in an animal shelter, but by chance she found her cat there, which she had been missing for a year.

Woman goes to pet cats at a shelter and finds her cat who had been missing for a year from r / aww

7. “This weirdo keeps calling until I let her into the tub with me.”

Cats can also be codependent

8. “The day I found him scared and crouched alone under my car vs. today.”

The day I found him scared and alone taking shelter under my car vs today. 🙂 from r / aww

9. Joplin, Missouri, USA: This woman recovered her cat alive from the rubble after a devastating tornado in 2011.

A woman found her cat alive sixteen days after a destructive tornado in Joplin, Missouri, in 2011. from r / pics

10. “Felix comes every day at 10:40 pm. All train drivers have sausages ready for him. “

The conductor of the Pskov-Moscow train feeds the cat Felix during a short stop on Staraya Russa. According to the woman, Felix comes every day to the tail of the train at 22:40 for several years. All conductors know the cat and prepare the sausage in advance. from r / aww

11. A touching moment: a man feeds a stray kitten on the subway.

Man spotted feeding a stray kitten in the subway from r / HumansBeingBros

12. Velvet paw Peany is something very special.

Could you please say ‘Hi’ to Peany from r / wholesome

13. “Nimbus has changed from a crumpled handkerchief to a supermodel.”

Nimbus leveled up from Crinkled Tissue to Supermodel from r / aww

14. “She waits for the flowers to fall off. Then she picks out a few chosen ones every day and brings them into the house as a present. “

Cats are a real treasure. from r / cats

15. “I don’t think that’s effective, but the thought counts.”

Don’t think it’s effective but it’s the thought that counts from r / aww

16. You are of one heart and one soul.

I love moo from r / cats

17. Nobody has the heart to chase this stray from her seat.

People prefer to stand instead of removing the stray cat from r / aww

18. “Had a bad case at work today and the clinic cat comforted me.”

Had a bad case at work and the clinic cat decided to comfort me from r / aww

19. “My daughter said ‘I love you!’ For the first time yesterday. – to the cat, of course. “

My daughter said ‘I love you’ for the first time yesterday, of course it was to the cat! from r / aww

20. “This kind-hearted person fed a stray cat in my apartment block yesterday and protected it from the rain with his umbrella.”

Cats have a sure sense of when someone is well meaning to them. It is not for nothing that it is said that a cat chooses its owner and not the other way around. But you can also see from these funny and cute pictures that it is always worth letting a velvet paw into your life:

Thumbnail: © Instagram / ted_bueno

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