20 breakdowns of cats, dogs and Co.

20 breakdowns of cats, dogs and Co.

Our everyday life cannot do without breakdowns. So why should it be any different with animals? Owners of dogs and cats can testify that four-legged friends also have their daily dropouts – moments in which one wonders what is going on in the little furry heads.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

The crazy moment is over quickly, but sometimes you catch it with the camera by accident. The funny pictures that result are definitely worth gold.

1. “Turn the heat down, honey. The dog is melting. “

Puddle of awe. from r / aww

2. “He is very excited about the carpets in the new house.”

He’s very excited about the carpets in the new house from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

3. “Get down there, can opener! This is my place!”

4. “I think my bitch could have been a cat in her previous life.”

I think my dog ​​may have been a cat in her past life. I give you dogloaf from r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog

5. “He seriously sat in this pose for 10 minutes.”

He genuinely sat like this for 10 minutes .. from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

6. This kitty is checking that her tongue is still there.

I think this cat might be broken? from r / aww

7. Yoga keeps you fit. This pose is called: “The stretching dog.”

Hitting that deep stretch from r / rarepuppers

8. “My cat loves to hide behind my computer and to be petted.”

My cat loves to go behind my computer and beg for pets: 3 from r / aww

9. A fierce warrior, photographed in the heat of the moment.

Captured This Gem of Zoey Playing With Her Zippity Tie from r / funny

10. Going for the first time shortly after adoption.

First walk after being adopted

11. “This is Merlin. His upper lip sometimes gets stuck. “

This is Merlin, his upper lip gets stuck sometimes from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. This retriever declares his undying love for the tennis ball.

Oh tennis ball, I love you so much from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

13. A wet nap.

This seal relaxing halfway under water from r / AnimalsBeingStrange

14. Spidercat on his daily foray.

SPIDERCAT from r / aww

15. “There is nothing to see here, biped.”

hooman, you didn’t see anything from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

16. Oscar from the bin.

Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me. from r / TellCersei

17. “I could fall asleep on the spot …”

18. Today we have breakfast in bed.

Now thats breakfast in bed from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

19. One lap of dry swimming.

First, we swim outside the pool from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

20. “This idiot scraped up earth, fell asleep and woke up with earth on his tongue and body.”

This dumbass pulled off the dirt, fell asleep over it, and then woke up with dirt all over his body and his tongue. I f * cking love him. from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

We’ll probably never understand what’s going on in them, but the funny pictures can also do without words. Dogs and cats are actually more like us than we think. Like us, the fur noses sometimes have a bad day, are sometimes a bit “stupid” and difficult to understand and like to fax.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / FragrantPlate ©Twitter / yoshi ___ ben

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