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20 before-and-after pictures that make you want to clean

20 before-and-after pictures that make you want to clean

As soon as the temperatures rise, the terrace and balcony beckon. When you look out of the window you can unfortunately see that not only blooming fields and singing birds, but also sloping garden furniture and moss-covered paving stones are waiting for you. While those who don’t like cleaning cringe at this sight, owners of high-pressure cleaners clap their hands enthusiastically.

Do you want tricks and life hacks that make life easier? Here you go! (Scroll down to the article.)

Those who prefer to use a sponge, soap and elbow wax will achieve their goal – but simply magic away the dirt with the hard water jet is far more satisfying. Cleaning with Kärcher, steam cleaner and Co. can be downright addicting, as you can see from the following 20 before-and-after pictures.

1. A heavy smoker’s car. Only the wet-dry vacuum cleaner can help.

Something different, my friend wet vacuumed the roof of a customers car who was a smoker. [717×690] from r / powerwashingporn

2. As if fresh from the brickyard.

Perfection of my back porch steps. [1080×1080] from r / powerwashingporn

3. “Before and after bathroom cleaning. The pressure washer was my arm. “

It’s finally Wednesday! Before and after bathroom cleaning. The power washer was my arm … from r / powerwashingporn

4. Everything shines like new.

Before and and after power washing from r / powerwashingporn

5. The Church of Notre Dame in New York needed the facade cleaning urgently.

Church of Notre Dame in NYC: power washing porn or nightmare? I have this horrible feeling they think they’re done …. [OC][2592×1944] from r / powerwashingporn

6. The 16 year old dirt on this bench has no chance against the high pressure cleaner.

I power washed a garden bench the wife gave me 16 years ago. from r / oddlysatisfying

7. “Today the fence, tomorrow the world!”

Today the fence, tomorrow the world from r / powerwashingporn

8. Fancy a round of Kärcher chess in the pool?

Long winter [2047 × 1535] [OC] from r / powerwashingporn

9. Garden furniture like this cast iron table are hot candidates for a Kärcher cure.

Half-and-half of my white cast iron garden table [960×540] from r / powerwashingporn

10. The streets are free again.

My first go at power washing. I think I’m hooked. from r / powerwashingporn

11. The cleaning of the Choux de Créteil in Paris looks fascinating.

Washing a Choux de Creteil tower in France [617×450] from r / powerwashingporn

12. A little polish can work wonders.

I polished my door handles and discovered they were brass! I originally set out just to get the paint off of the handle from the previous owner, but it turned out to be an even more satisfying result. from r / powerwashingporn

13. A tennis court appears under the swamp.

After a hard days work on a tennis court! from r / powerwashingporn

14. “While cleaning, the cleaners discovered that they were at the wrong house, but at least we got a free sample of the high-pressure cleaner.”

The powerwashers realized they got the wrong house, but at least we got a free sample from r / powerwashingporn

15. “I cleaned this SNES inside and out. Took about four hours. “

I cleaned up this SNES, inside and out. Took about 4 hours. Here’s a before / after.

16. Before and after: bright colors are hidden under moss and dirt.

Love results like this, especially in 2 hrs total time from r / powerwashingporn

17. Kärcher art on the facade of a university building.

Some powerwashing art on campus [4032×3024] from r / powerwashingporn

18. This freshly raised high-rise gets its first window cleaning.

Post-construction window cleaning from r / oddlysatisfying

19. “A decade of moss and dirt removed.”

A decade of moss and dirt removed! from r / powerwashingporn

20. The jet of the high-pressure cleaner can easily keep up with Superman’s laser eyes.

Tribute amongst the grime from r / powerwashingporn

These before-and-after pictures are really a treat for people who are crazy about cleaning. If you are looking for more inspiration and incentives for spring cleaning, you will definitely find it in the following photo series:

Thumbnails: © Reddit / H145 © Reddit / baileyroseh

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