20 before and after pictures: Madi Bekdair transforms women

20 before and after pictures: Madi Bekdair transforms women

A new look can be like a new life. A haircut, a different dress and a little make-up – that’s all it takes to reinvent yourself. If you want a little more and you want a radical makeover, the stylist Madi Bekdair is exactly the right place to go.

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Madi is a stylist from Kazakhstan who doesn’t do things by halves. On his website you can apply for a makeover that has washed up. The before-and-after pictures that the fashion guru shares on Facebook and Instagram show that Madi’s makeover program is quite rightly called “Cardinal Transformation”:

1. The blue dress suits her really well.

2. She immediately appears much more confident.

3. Your whole posture has changed.

4. Spring can come!

5. It’s never too late for a change.

6. From gray mouse to tough career woman.

7. The polka dots are a real eye-catcher.

8. Away with the leisure look!

9. Every now and then you have to treat yourself to a little luxury.

10. Real model qualities slumber in it.

11. A brave step.

12. Tourist vs. princess.

13. Dress and haircut act like a makeover.

14. She has found her smile again.

15. She looks 15 years younger.

16. Something different than “robber civil”.

17. Sometimes you have to take risks.

18. Like a fashion catalog.

19. It’s all about the scarf!

20. An incredible transformation.

No question about it: when Madi and his team take under their wing, they transform themselves into a completely new person. Would you dare such an extreme makeover?

What clothes, haircuts and make-up can do can also be seen in these impressive before-and-after pictures:

Thumbnails: © Facebook / Мади Бекдаир © Facebook / Мади Бекдаир

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