19 funny before and after pictures of dogs, cats and co.

19 funny before and after pictures of dogs, cats and co.

Life means change – this applies to humans and animals alike. The before-and-after pictures that masters and mistresses take of their favorites often only take a brief moment for a major change in the life of dogs, cats and co.

Whether visiting the vet, dog hairdresser or the park: The eventful life of a four-legged friend is also constantly changing. The following 19 funny and cute animal pictures are the best proof of this.

1. “Before and after he caught me photographing him with my tongue hanging out.”

Dublin, before and after he caught me taking a pic of him sleeping with his tongue poking out. from r / aww

2. From the dirty to the innocent lamb.

Before and after from r / aww

3. “We call this the corona cut.”

We call this the Corona Cut. Before and after a stranger pets my yourky. from r / aww

4. Proud like Oskar – before and after the vet visit.

Tony, before and after. At his first checkup he was purring so loud the vet had to cover his nose to hear his heart beat. He’s a happy cat. from r / cats

5. Very little dog under a lot of fur.

BEFORE / AFTER: Mommy gave me a haircut. I look so much smaller, sigh! I can advertise for weight loss products. from r / aww

6. Sometimes the long wait is worthwhile: before and after going for a walk.

Before and after his walk from r / aww

7. Shortly after the adoption and a week later.

What a week of TLC looks like before and after.

8. “Before and after I accidentally woke him up with the camera noise.”

Before and after I accidentally woke him up with the camera sound. from r / funny

9. “Before and after his adoption with his big sister.”

Before and after adoption with big sister from r / aww

10. “Dog and mud belong together” – this is also proven by these 20 dirty sparrows who played in the mud.

Messy boy from r / Eyebleach

11. “Before and after my dog ​​noticed that I was in the room.”

Before and after my dog ​​realizes I’m in the room from r / aww

12. Before and after: She likes her new look.

Before and after her first haircut. I think she likes it! from r / aww

13. Let there be light! A bobtail before and after visiting the hairdresser.

My Old English Sheepdog before and after his haircut

14. “Bobby Wobbles, a very adorable, three-legged cat, before and after adoption.”

Bobby Wobbles, a very loving tripod cat, before and after adoption from r / cats

15. Suddenly clear vision again.

My Dog Willow Before and After Her Haircut from r / aww

16. It was high time!

Before and after

17. Couples know this: the sleeping position shortly after lying down and 10 minutes later.

My cats … Before and After from r / cats

18. In front of the dog park: white angel. After the dog park: doused poodle.

Bucket, Before and After the Dog Park from r / funny

19. The moment when he realizes that his friend on the right in front of him has had a treat.

Before and after dog on the right was given treat from r / aww

“Only the wisest and the dumbest cannot change,” says Confucius. For us normal mortal two- and four-legged friends, change remains the rule, as these 16 before-and-after pictures of masters and dogs show. You can see that love and affection can bring about the greatest transformations with these 16 before and after pictures of adopted cats.

Preview: © reddit / KevlarYarmulke

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