19 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

19 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Mom is the best! You can’t tell her that often enough. But if you are more of a friend of deeds than words, check out the following 19 gifts for Mother’s Day. Anyone can buy flowers, but a Mother’s Day present is one level higher. Because homemade gifts count twice, everyone knows that. So lean back, let yourself be inspired and make your mom happy on Mother’s Day!

1st-2nd extraordinary decoration ideas with picture frames

Picture frames of any size and shape decorate the homes of countless people and, for example, remind family members and friends with photos. But actually this is wasted potential, because with these six tricks ordinary picture frames can be turned into so much more. Here you can find the instructions for the picture frame ideas.

3rd-5th Craft ideas to take every heart by storm

Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day: During the year there are quite a few occasions when we want to make our loved ones happy with a present. But when the person already has it all or our ingenuity fails us, it can be difficult to find a nice gift. If you don’t want to pull yourself out of the affair with a loveless gift voucher, the following gift ideas to make yourself should be just the right thing.

6-7 Ideas about handicrafts with popsicle sticks, corks and wood

Everyone knows the saying: “It’s the little things that make life.” It can also be wonderfully applied to our home, because it could also be: “The little things are what make our home special. “The following 2 ideas are also ideal as Mother’s Day gifts.

8-11 Ideas with flowers: make flower arrangements yourself

As table decorations, flower arrangements delight guests at weddings and family celebrations, for example. The elaborate arrangements are often commissioned by the hosts from professional florists – but that is not exactly cheap! Such flower arrangements are also a great alternative to a bought bouquet for Mother’s Day. Here you can find the instructions for such a pretty flower arrangement.

12. Make pretty accessories yourself

Those who have not learned knitting and crocheting from their mum or grandmother are now faced with the challenge of teaching themselves how to do it – but between wool, various needles and numerous techniques, it’s not that easy. You don’t have to despair about this, however, because at the beginning of the video we show you how you can use a fork, a ruler and a comb to make pretty accessories in no time, without having to crochet or knit. And these accessories can also be wonderfully given away to mom.

13.-15. 3 homemade gifts for Mother’s Day

The best gifts for Mother’s Day are definitely home-made ones. Mama is more happy about nothing than a lovingly crafted Mother’s Day present. The following 3 ideas are sure to make the mothers in your family cry because they are so touching. If there are still small children in the family, here are the perfect 3 DIY ideas for Mother’s Day.

16. Homemade clutch from Tetra Pak: DIY bag without sewing

Nowadays there are numerous ideas about what can still be tinkered with out of old packaging. Recycling not only makes sense, recycling can also be really fun. We have often shown you what wonderful things can be conjured up from PET bottles, for example. But the following project shoots the bird. Because we’re making a stylish clutch from two empty milk cartons. A real eye-catcher that nobody can buy for you anytime soon. And the DIY clutch is always a great gift for mom.

17th-19th Flowery craft ideas: tinker with paper, tinker flowers

Crafting with paper is something that adults quickly associate with their childhood. After all, we all used to let off steam in kindergarten and school cutting, folding and gluing. It’s actually a shame that the craft ideas from back then have almost been forgotten – fortunately only almost, because we have put together the most beautiful craft ideas with paper that not only children but their parents will have fun implementing. And since people like to give away flowers on Mother’s Day, these paper flowers are just what they’re looking for.

At the latest when the gift is handed over, eyes will no longer remain dry. Your mother will be delighted with each and every one of these Mother’s Day gifts. It’s that easy to make mothers happy. Handicrafts for Mother’s Day are always a good idea!

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