18 photos only children of the 90s understand

18 photos only children of the 90s understand

The years of the late eighties and early nineties are already thirty years old or are about to do so. Even those born in 2000 will come of age no later than December 31 of that year.

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Many are already thinking wistfully back to the days of their childhood and youth. Just a decade or two later, many everyday objects and fashion trends that were taken for granted in the nineties and noughties look like relics from the distant past. The following pictures are guaranteed to bring back wonderful memories for many people:

1. Blonde highlights are definitely on the rise again.


2. If you wanted to create impressive patterns without a digital printer …

© Wikipedia / Spirograph.jpg / Alexei Kouprianov / CC BY 2.5

3. Hand on heart: who hasn’t read it?


4. No matter what was in it – the chocolate was always good.


5. Popular even before CD players were introduced.


6. Wouldn’t it be nice to play one of these games again?


7. Films for those who were a little older.


8. Who didn’t have that?


9. At that time, nobody could make flat-rate calls while on the move.

10. Creative lighting.

11. A long runner.

12. Has tied many in front of the television.

13. A classic for decades.

14. They belonged in every pencil case.


15. I had it in yellow.


16. When a life without the Internet was still possible.


17. They never stopped chatting.


18. This is how you swapped music!


Memories are awakened! Of course, not everyone thinks back wistfully on those days, but rather enjoys life as an adult. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to look back on the old days. After all, you’re only young once.

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