17 tasteless tattoos

17 tasteless tattoos

There are tattoos that are supposed to help the wearer to express his personality, to embellish him or to make him more eye-catching. In the following pictures, however, only the latter applies and one is inclined to ask: What the hell were these people thinking?

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

And: where the hell did you find a tattoo artist to implement these weird ideas? One thing, however, is without a doubt the tattoos – unique.

1. The truant

2. No comment

pin code

3. The Michael Jackson cartoon

4. The jail Harry Potter

Dude, you are my hero!

5. Dreamed of strength

6. The portraits of horror

7. Well hit

8. The classic with catchy and eye-catching guarantee

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9. Nature can be so beautiful

10. The chessboard

11. The naked, bald angel on the back of the head

12. The written request

13. The misunderstood six pack

14. The beautiful vagina

15. The huge tattoo that looks completely meaningless without each other


16. The hairy cat bottom

17. Baby on board or beer belly on board?


These needle arts are laughable, but still proof that it is better to show each tattoo to someone again before it gets under your skin. Because these pictures are for eternity!

Thumbnails: ©Twitter / goldenmoustache ©Twitter / tattoosa

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