17 savory and sweet ideas for snacks

17 savory and sweet ideas for snacks

Everyone knows the little hunger that pushes itself between main meals and insistently screams for attention. We can remedy this. Here are 17 savory and sweet snacks for in between. Quickly done, quickly plastered. 17 delicious snacks between meals, which are also ideal for a party buffet.

1st-4th 4 ideas for the waffle iron

The waffle maker is a permanent guest at children’s parties, school events or clothing bazaars. Whenever there is a need to feed a large number of hungry (children’s) mouths as quickly and easily as possible, the electric heating plates are in great demand. The rest of the year, however, they are mostly unused on the kitchen shelf. Waffle irons are also ideal for hearty dishes. Singles in particular who want to treat themselves to something warm quickly without any effort will love their waffle iron! Here you will find the delicious ideas for the waffle iron.

5th-7th Three kinds of milk rolls on a stick

Milk rolls are a popular snack between meals, which is mainly eaten cold. But with a savory or sweet filling and baked in a sandwich toaster, the rolls are an even bigger delicacy that even has what it takes to be a main course. Here you can find the recipe for the milk rolls on a stick.

8. Filled pizza cubes

Big, bigger, your dream pizza: when it comes to steaming dough sweets, there can never be enough. Let’s try to convince you otherwise. These pizza snacks are tiny, but if they only land in your greedy food hatch, there is no doubt that these cubes will make a big difference. Here you can find the recipe for the pizza cubes.

9-11 3 mini calzones

Mmm, such a calzone is something nice! We’ll show you three mini versions that will be a hit at every party. Here you can find the recipe for the mini calzones.

12-14 3 creative types of toast bread

A breakfast toast, fresh from the toaster, is something delicious. And then let a little butter melt on the still warm bread … mmh! But every morning? No, that would be too boring. It is also much more creative and varied, as the following three variants prove. Here is the recipe for the 3 different types of toasted bread.

15.-17. 3 times chocolatey mini fruits

Everyone knows them from Christmas markets, folk festivals & Co .: chocolate fruits. For those who just can’t get enough of these delicious hype snacks, we have good news, because with the following three variations, the fruity, chocolatey snack is also easy to make at home. Here you can find the recipe for the chocolate mini fruits.

With our delicious ideas for snacks, being hungry is no longer a problem. And if you get hungry, just move on to the next snack. With the 17 ideas, you don’t even know which snack to prepare first. Have a good little hunger!


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