17 photos with an interesting perspective

17 photos with an interesting perspective

Everything is relative – you don’t have to be an Einstein expert to understand this. For example, you just think back to your own childhood when the city or your parents’ house still seemed huge. When you return to your place of birth as an adult, suddenly everything looks too hot washed. It always depends on the angle of view – especially when it comes to capturing a fleeting moment with the camera.

Exciting and inspiring videos that make you think. (Scroll down to the article.)

In some photos, perspective leads you by the nose: Then proportions are lost, bizarre hybrid creatures arise and the mental cinema can no longer be stopped. Even with the following snapshots you get bulging eyes at first, but at second glance everything dissolves.

1. “Sorry, but this is not a public to … – oh, no offense!”

2. What is that tiny woman doing?

Tiny lady from r / confusing perspective

3. “I couldn’t find my iPad anywhere.”


4. Glasses with integrated googly eyes? No, just the reflection of a lamp.

5. No trap – this apparent “tourist funnel” is just a single floor.

Just a floor. from r / interestingasfuck

6. No matter how old you are: You always remain a child to your parents.

Look Ma, I have grown up from r / illusionporn

7. “Hottehü!”

Man rides woman from r / confusing_perspective

8. How many squats do you think it took for those steel rammers?

Nice leg split. from r / confusing perspective

9. This café in Seoul, Korea feels like being in a cartoon.

This cafe in Seoul, Korea from r / pics

10. A safety-conscious horse during the lunch break.

Extraordinary Photographer!

11. Admit it: You also want to click on the “arrow”! But this London photo is not a video.

This pic of London looks like it should be a video from r / mildlyinteresting

12. No, this is not a glittering lake. A little tip: Sometimes it helps to turn your head …

There is no lake from r / confusing_perspective

13. Spectacular sighting of a kitty UFO.

14. Then you better take your bike.

Arachnophobia anyone? from r / oddlyterrifying

15. These “floating shoes” are undoubtedly an eye-catcher.

16. Is there a dragon sneaking up on you? Oh no, Bello just wants to be petted on the neck.

Alien snake from r / confusingperspective

17. Brrr! It looks like those knees are a case for an exorcist.

Woman’s knees look like baby faces from r / mildlyinteresting

The imagination does somersaults at the sight! You can see again that the first impression can be deceptive and that you should always take the time to look very carefully.

For more evidence of the power of perspective, check out this series of images that will make anyone falter.

Thumbnail: ©Facebook / Radiologia Fácil com Dayane Peixoto

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