17 people who were really unlucky

17 people who were really unlucky

Have you ever got up on the wrong foot and everything around you has conspired against you? If a day like this starts with bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps, then things can only get worse during the course of the day.

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The following 17 unlucky ones know this feeling all too well, because no matter how hard they try, the unlucky follows them at every turn:

1. “I just turned around for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice.”

Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice … from r / Wellthatsucks

2. “Someone’s fingernail got stuck in the elevator head.”

Someone’s nail got stuck in the elevator button from r / Wellthatsucks

3. “If you live in Svalbad, Norway and have forgotten to close the window in the study.”

When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office from r / Wellthatsucks

4. “Guess who won’t get a shower today!”

Guess who’s not taking a shower tonight from r / Wellthatsucks

5. “Today, after 5 years in this company with over 500 employees, I had my last day. This is my farewell card: “

I’m leaving my job after 5 years today, over 500 people I work with, this is my leaving card. from r / Wellthatsucks

6. “I lost two fingers in an accident at work, exactly the same day my new guitar arrived.”

Losing 2 fingers in a work-related accident on the day my new guitar arrived. from r / Wellthatsucks

7. “Ladies and gentlemen, the father of the year 2021: I told her to take a shower instead of just rinsing her hair after dyeing.”

“2021 Dad of the Year” ladies and gentlemen. I told her to shower, instead of rinse her hair out, right after dying it. from r / Wellthatsucks

8. “And how do you come up with your New Year’s resolutions?”

So … How are your New Year’s resolutions coming? from r / Wellthatsucks

9. “My girlfriend is 23 years old today.”

Today my GF is 23 from r / Wellthatsucks

10. “Not only did Grandpa already have the shirt, he was still wearing it while he was unpacking the other one.”

Not only did grandpa already have this shirt, he was wearing it when he unwrapped it. from r / Wellthatsucks

11. “The in-laws invited us to dinner. It was a trap! “

In-laws invited us over for dinner; it was a trap from r / Wellthatsucks

12. “My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night.”

My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night from r / Wellthatsucks

13. “My wife said I should measure every door. I told her that all doors had the same dimensions … “

My wife said measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size … from r / Wellthatsucks

14. “Last week my 14-year-old dog died, I got sick, my dad had an emergency heart operation and this morning I was waiting for my day off.”

In the past week, my dog ​​of 14 years died, I’ve been sick, my dad had emergency heart surgery, and this is what I woke up to on my day off. From r / Wellthatsucks

15. This man got the same tattoo that his adopted and dearly loved dog wears on the skin without knowing that it means “neutered”.

Man gets a tattoo he found on his pup, not knowing it means he’s neutered from r / Wellthatsucks

16. “My uncle discovered tonight that all of his koi, which he had lovingly looked after for six years, had died from a nightly power outage while we were all sleeping.”

My uncle just found out this evening that all of his kois that he took care for 6 years all died due to a power outage that happened last night when everyone was sleeping. from r / Wellthatsucks

17. “My father’s old truck was rammed by another truck that was carrying rotten potatoes. The window on the passenger side was open … “

My dad’s old truck got hit by a truck carrying old rotten potato slurry to a feed lot for cows. His passenger window was down …. from r / Wellthatsucks

The only thing that helps is to go to bed very early so that this bewitched day will soon be a thing of the past. The next one can only get better! Or not?

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