17 people are wondering what they’re looking at

17 people are wondering what they’re looking at

Today, if we want to know something, we can quickly consult the digital advice of the wise – “Friend Google”! But what if you don’t even know what to enter in the search engine because you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re looking at? Fortunately, the Internet can help here too.

Exciting topics and interesting facts with an aha effect. (Scroll down to the article.)

On the Reddit platform, under the heading “What is this thing?” (In German: “What kind of thing is that?”), People who are at a loss can post photos of puzzling objects and beings that they have not yet been able to make sense of. And the network community mostly unravels the secret – as with these 17 extraordinary things:

1. Question: “Found this little ‘cauldron’ years ago. Does anyone have any idea why it has such a special shape? “

Found this small kettle years ago. Tried searching for a similar one but always come up with nothing. Anybody have an idea why this has this unique shape? Wallet for scale. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “This is a bedpan for bedridden male patients. So you can pee without leaving the bed. “

2. Question: “I discovered this strange urinal in the men’s toilet in a brewery in Cologne. What kind of thing is that? “

Noticed this weird urinal in a brauhaus bathroom in Cologne Germany from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “It is called ‘Pope’ – a cuspidor.”

3. Question: “Found this in my father’s bedroom. Hope it is not a sex toy! “

Found in my dads room, really hoping its not a sex thing from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “These are snow spikes. You put them on your shoes to get a better grip on ice and snow. “

4th Question: “Bite into a burger at McDonald’s and had a chemical taste in my mouth afterwards. Took off the bun and saw that. What’s this?”

Bit into a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with a cheese and noticed a chemically flavor. Opened it up and saw this. What is this !? from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Here is a former employee: It probably comes from the gloves you wear when you put the meat on the grill.”

5. Question: “Where do these perfect circles on the beach come from?”

What are these perfect sets of beach holes? Flip flop for scale. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Here mussel samples were taken for scientific purposes.”

6th Question: “I’ve been trying to find out what it is for 20 years. You are my last hope! “

20 years of research and reddit is my last hope! from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “The Black Drummer’s Fish Fossil.”

7th Question: “I discovered that on the beach. I’ve never seen anything like it! “

Found this while beach combing in the Olympic Peninsula. I’ve never seen anything like it. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “These are squid eggs.”

8th. Question: “That just rolled past me in Melbourne. What is this kind of part?”

This just trundled across the road in front of me, zoomed down the sidewalk before I could get a better look at it. Spotted in Melbourne Australia. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Self-driving robot delivery, presumably for food.”

9. Question: “This purple light appeared in the sky at 1:30 am in Southern California and went out after 5 minutes. What’s this?”

This purple sky in Southern California seen at 1:30 am and lasted for only about 5 minutes before fading away. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “These are the LED lights in the greenhouse of a commercial cannabis farm.”

10. Question: What do the colors and indications on the dial of this watch mean in an assisted living facility?

Clock in Assisted Living facility. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “The two-hour intervals are used as a guide so that the residents can turn to a certain side in bed. That should prevent sore spots. “

11. Question: “This part seems to be serving a purpose. But which one? “

Looks suspicious but has several interchangeable sized tips and appears to have a purpose. What is this for? from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “It’s a set to decorate a snowman.”

12. Question: “My girlfriend has just moved into a new apartment and that’s the neighboring garden. What’s this?”

My friend just moved in to a new flat and this is her neighbors garden from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “This is a voodoo altar.”

13th Question: “A pair of scissors with 4 handle rings. What do you need them for? “

4in by 4in scissors. Uncomfortable to hold, in either hand, two or four fingers. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “These are scissors for small children, e.g. preschoolers. The outer openings are for adults so that they can guide the children. “

14th Question: “Found this in my garden. Is that a worm with a parasite? ”

I saw this in my yard. Is this just a type of worm? Or is there a parasite on it? (I saw it breathing / have some sort of heartbeat, so it’s alive) from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “These are two worms that are just about to bring more worms into the world.”

15th Question: “Saw this cat in Texas, but upon closer inspection discovered that it cannot be a house cat. What is it then? “

Saw this cat in texas first thought it was a domestic cat but when we got closer that seemed less likely from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “That’s a black bobcat.”

16. Question: “What is this big notch in the milk container?”

What is this big hole that is usually found on milk cartons? from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “This is to equalize the pressure. If the container falls, it does not explode, but the notch turns outwards. “

17th Question: “My mother left bleach in the sink while we were on vacation for a week. When we came back we found this! Is that mold? “

My mother left bleach in her sink for about a week while we left on vacation, and we came back to this. Is it mold? from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “The bleach is oxidized with the metal components of the sink.”

Fortunately, the 17 people who submitted their photos no longer have to worry about uncertainty. Would you have recognized some of these objects and phenomena?

Thumbnail: ©Reddit / Merciman

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