16 wild animals that ended up with humans

16 wild animals that ended up with humans

If cats, dogs, birds and fish are too boring as pets, there are some alternatives. There are people who have taken foxes, kangaroos or lizards into their homes, as the following sixteen pictures show.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

Of course, it should be remembered that you should have a special knack for animals if you want to take care of such exotic species. After all, many people fail because of a dog. In any case, it’s interesting to see how well some wild animals find their way in the civilized world:

1. “A raccoon who eats peanut butter.”

Raccoon eating peanut butter from r / aww

2. Crabs also want to go for a walk.

Blursed_pet from r / blursedimages

3. Cuddled up nicely.

4. Very fine, he’s already house trained.

5. A hedgehog in the cornfield.

6. Sesame, the opossum.

7. Relaxed as hell.

8. A bearded dragon in relaxation mode.

haven’t seen many bearded dragons on this sub so here you go 🙂 from r / aww

9. “The village is safe under his aegis.”

The neighborhood is safe on his watch from r / aww

10. The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

LOOK AT EM! from r / aww

11. They all love each other!

12. How are you?

13. It seems to taste good.

14. “This is my dearest baby squirrel.”

This is my adorable baby squirrel from r / aww

15. “I work in a station where birds are ringed. We use ‘burritos’ to weigh the owls we catch. “

I work at a bird banding station, and we use burritos to weigh the owls we catch. from r / aww

16. In the heart like any other velvet paw.

Cheetah demands cuddles from their caretaker from r / Eyebleach

What is not there! The prize for the most bizarre pet will certainly win for many of the strollers with the crab. Not wild animals, but lovable pets with quirks are these animal companions. Speaking of pets: If you want to buy one, we recommend the following mixed breed dogs, which couldn’t be cuter.

After a while, some pets even love their masters so much that they act like their favorite people. However, when it comes to finding a place to sleep, many four-legged friends have quite unusual ideas, as these rascals show. The following incredibly large animals from all over the world are less suitable as animal companions.

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