16 weird actions by not-too-smart cats

16 weird actions by not-too-smart cats

Cat owners love their velvet paws, some even because of their often strange behavior. Regardless of whether the house tigers chew on inedible plastic bags, drink water from the toilet instead of their bowl, or climb up somewhere just to moan for help – they are certainly following a plan.

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If there is actually still someone who believes that their cat is just crazy, the following pictures are recommended. They show sixteen cats who do not exactly show off their intelligence with their weird actions:

1 Help?”

Halp? from r / catsarefuckingstupid

2. “Well, he prefers to drink from it than from his bowl of water.”

Well, he prefers it to his water from r / catsarefuckingstupid

3. One wonders what she was thinking.

Halp! from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

4. Let there be light.

Open Wide from r / catsarefuckingstupid

5. “When I got home, this was the sight waiting for me.”

Came home to this from r / catsarefuckingstupid

6. “I’m thinking of sending them back …”

Thinking about sending them back … from r / TIGHTPUSSY

7. “And how do I get out of this mess again?”

Mistakes were made from r / catsarefuckingstupid

8. “Mavis eats a net of onions.”

Mavis eating a bag of onions from r / catsarefuckingstupid

9. “I didn’t know Dan was looking through the window when I closed the door.”

I didn’t know Dan was looking out the window when I shut the door from r / catsarefuckingstupid

10. “Holly has been blessed with beauty, but not with a brain.”

Holly got all the beauty, but not the brains from r / catsarefuckingstupid

11. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!”

Noooo, don’t sit on the wet paint from r / catsarefuckingstupid

12. A majestic hunter at odds with her prey.

Kamino Artemis my mighty huntress (she was fine) from r / catsarefuckingstupid

13. “She hit two dozen cookies freshly dipped in chocolate on the floor and covered herself with so much chocolate that I had to give her an emergency bath.”

She knocked 2 dozen freshly chocolate-dipped cookies onto the floor and covered herself in chocolate, resulting in an emergency bath. from r / CatsAreAssholes

14. “As if she wants to be grilled.”

Practically asking to be BBQ’d from r / catsarefuckingstupid

15. “There is nothing to see here!”

Nothing to see here! from r / catsarefuckingstupid

16. “I don’t even see how she could get herself into this position.”

I don’t even know how she managed this position. from r / aww

What goes on in a cat’s skull is likely to remain an eternal mystery. Anyone interested can find more cat-to-be-adventures in the following galleries:

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