16 Proof that everything doesn’t belong in the trash right away

16 Proof that everything doesn’t belong in the trash right away

Is new always better? It may well be that new things today surpass the old in many ways. Nevertheless, a new item will rarely be able to convince with the same charm, flair or the same nostalgia as something old can.

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So if you just kept throwing away everything that seems to be from yesterday, then a lot of treasures would slip through your fingers. These 16 people who showed their cleaning skills and turned something old into something new without any problems, were also able to make this experience:

1. “I cleaned my grandmother’s dress from 1920 and the result is a complete success!”

© imgur / abadmagician

2. “Unbelievable what toothpaste and an old toothbrush can do for your shoes.”

Its amazing what toothpaste and an old toothbrush can do for your shoes! from r / CleaningTips

3. “I brought this shabby 90-year-old pan back into shape.”

I cleaned the cruddy 90 year old pan details in the comments from r / CleaningTips

4. “The bar I work in finally had the carpets cleaned professionally.”

© Imgur / whenlifegivesyoulemonsaskfortequila

5. With the help of proper cleaning tricks and a little vinegar, this calcified kettle looks brand new again.

I received this secondhand kettle through my local buy nothing group. Cleaned it up and descaled with vinegar. Good as new! from r / CleaningTips

6. This is what happens when you clean an old bank with a pressure washer.

I just came across this sub and remembered this picture from 4 years ago. I think it fits nicely here. from r / powerwashingporn

7. “My favorite pillow got those annoying little balls of fabric everywhere. I was able to remove them all very easily with a disposable razor. “

My favorite throw pillows had those annoying fluff bits on them. Went over them with a cheap razor and love the outcome! from r / CleaningTips

8. An Italian copper pot – deep into the pores.

Italian (Ruffoni) Copper Pot Deep Clean from r / CLEANING_PORN

9. Someone wanted to throw away something that was worth gold to someone else.

Awesome transformation from r / CLEANING_PORN

10. Filters for air conditioning do not have to be thrown away when they are dirty.

Cleaned the filters from the other air conditioner. It’s been a long time between cleans, my guess! * Currently renting from r / CLEANING_PORN

11. After two years this gas stove was cleaned again. Now he can be seen again.

Not cleaned the hob for 2 years. It took me 2 hours and a LOT of scrubbing to remove the dried on layers from r / CLEANING_PORN

12. “I bought this kettle for (the equivalent of) 3 euros and got it clean again with a little baking powder. It’s so good when you know how to clean properly. “

Knowing how to clean things is so worth it. $ 3.70 Le Creuset tea kettle cleaned up with a little baking soda. from r / ThriftStoreHauls

13. “This wall is behind our new house. I was told that it had not been cleaned for 40 years … “

The back patio of our new house. I have on good info that it hasn’t been cleaned in around 40 years. from r / powerwashingporn

14. “I’ve had a bad episode of depression and it’s the first time in months that I’ve cleaned something.”

I know this might not seem impressive but it’s the first time I’ve cleaned something in months (had a bad depressive episode) and I’m just so proud of myself from r / CLEANING_PORN

15. “We found this playhouse in the garbage. After a good cleaning, it was as good as new. It’s hard to believe that someone just threw it away. “

© Imgur / thecaptamazing

16. New life has been breathed into these old bar stools.

© Imgur / Omunimeni

Sometimes it’s just worth waving the cleaning rag and giving old things a second chance. This is not only a pleasure for the wallet, but also for the environment, and the newly discovered treasures usually even look better than their modern counterparts.

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Thumbnails: ©Imgur / abadmagician

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