16 pieces of furniture for small apartments

16 pieces of furniture for small apartments

Everyone has their own taste. This is of course also reflected in the home furnishings of each individual. Some people like it playful while others tend to be more practical when it comes to their furniture.

Especially when you don’t have a lot of space, you often fall back on less beautiful, but useful pieces of furniture. However, the following pictures prove that chic and utility can also be perfectly combined. Folding tables or bed niches create oases of well-being in small apartments.

Do you want to give your apartment that certain something? Here you will find ideas and suggestions. (Scroll down to the article.)

1. Share a children’s room and still have their own space.

Very cool design for siblings sharing a room from r / pics

2. A console behind the bed or sofa doesn’t take up much space, but offers storage space and connection options for technical devices.

Behind the couch console table with outlets from r / woodworking

3. A draining rack for the sink without it looking cluttered.

4. This folding table set brings the Scandinavian style into your home.

5. Shoe cabinet and seat at the same time.

Round sitting bench with shoe storage inside. from r / INEEEEDIT

6. In this way the toilet paper is always at hand without it lying around in the way.

In comparison to my recently posted project, this was the first toilet paper holder I made. from r / woodworking

7. Bed, wardrobe and shelf in one.

8. Easy to stow chairs

9. This secretary can simply be closed after work.

10. A staircase-shaped cabinet that can also be used as a step.

11. The space in the bed boxes makes a wardrobe unnecessary.

12. The tables and chairs simply disappear back into the cupboard after dinner.

13. A bed that is in the niche of the built-in wardrobe.

14. Chest of drawers and clothes rail on castors can be moved to save space.

15. This table can be extended and shortened as required.

16. A “floating” bed.

Ingenious, how these pieces “nestle” in the apartment. If you also want to give your apartment an elegant flair, then this article might be for you.

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Source: brightside

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