16 pictures of unsuccessful baking attempts

16 pictures of unsuccessful baking attempts

The corona crisis and lockdown measures are forcing countless people to stay mainly in their own four walls. But how do you kill all the time? If you don’t have a garden, you have to look for something to do in your own four walls – after all, you need a break from watching TV or the Internet from time to time.

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Quite a few people therefore get the idea to try a few new things. For example baking. The following people wanted to find out whether they might have a little master baker slumbering in them. These sixteen pictures show what has become of it:

1. “Just don’t ask.”

2. “I don’t bake that much. I can cook quite well, but bake – not so much. Well, this morning I wanted to bake lighthouse shaped cookies because I’m from Florida. How do you think they have become? “

3. “Maybe baking is just not my thing …”

4. “Hmmm … do cinnamon buns always try to get out of the oven? I’m asking for a friend. “

5. “Baking accident … My macaroons exploded.”

6. “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was baking. “

7. “Help, my cookies do not observe the rules of distance.”

8. “My wife started baking. Now we know why she doesn’t normally bake cakes. “

9. Well, that still looks very cute.

10. Looks interesting.

11. “Expectation and Reality.”

12. “Baking in quarantine, first attempt. Half of the cookies are burnt, the other half is still soft. In addition, the smoke alarm went on. The lesson I draw from this: 1. My smoke alarm works perfectly. 2. My neighbors know. 3. My baking skills can only improve, as humble as they are. Luckily I didn’t try my hand at bread. “

13. “It was supposed to be a nice yeast bread filled with chocolate, caramel and bananas. Unfortunately it broke open and looks like an unsightly pile of dung. Still tastes very good. “

14. No master has fallen from the sky yet.

15. One can at least guess that it should represent a rainbow.

16. “I wanted to bake a pizza.”

Well, every beginning is difficult. The cookies may be better next time. These fifteen baking attempts were also not entirely successful. If you want to put your baking skills to the test yourself, you can try this simple rainbow cake.

If you don’t feel like cake, you can get inspiration from these biscuit ideas. Anyone who is actually a master confectioner will have no problem re-baking these cake works of art. But watch out: If you think too much about food, you may at some point confuse inedible things with real goodies.

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