16 pictures of unbelievable security failures

16 pictures of unbelievable security failures

There are certainly few children who have not been reprimanded by their parents for walking around with a knife or scissors in hand. And that’s just one of the many safety rules or pieces of advice that a person hears in the course of his life and at some point may be disregarded – after all, things went well after the third or fourth time.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

On the other hand, such rules or advice exist for a good reason: they were created to prevent anything from going wrong if you stick to them. But well, some people just want to put their luck to the test, as the following pictures show:

1. “Hello, I want to change a lightbulb.”

Hello I’d like to change a lamp from r / OSHA

2. “This construction is about to behead someone.”

On the brink of decapitating someone. from r / OSHA

3. “Apparently everyone on the last night shift followed the safety rules.”

I see that evertbody followed safety rules on last nights shift from r / OSHA

4. “Don’t worry, this bar protects against the rotor blades of disaster.”

Don’t worry, this bar will help protect you from the spinning fan of misfortune. from r / OSHA

5. “Look at the mommy forklift that holds the little one!”

Look at the mama forklift holding the little one! from r / OSHA

6. “Gravity and stretch film should be sufficient.”

Gravity and stretch wrap should do it from r / OSHA

7. “The longest ladder in the world in Edinburgh, Scotland.”

Longest ladder in the world, Edinburgh, Scotland from r / OSHA

8. “You can’t make up something like that.”

You can’t make this stuff up. From r / OSHA

9. “Safety comes third here.”

Safety 3rd! from r / OSHA

10. “Broken neck and leg!”

Bless him from r / OSHA

11. “Everything is good, it will hold up. Now back to work! “

All good. She’ll hold, now back to work. from r / OSHA

12. “Meanwhile in Russia.”

Meanwhile in Russia from r / OSHA

13. “Darn it.”

‘Bugger’ from r / OSHA

14. “Change a light bulb.”

Changing a light bulb from r / OSHA

15. “Does anyone want to play Jenga Wobble Tower?”

Anyone up for Jenga? from r / OSHA

16. “That was a few years ago. The supervisor of these workers said that he had been doing this for years. “

happened a few years back, supervisor of these guys said he had done this technique for years … from r / OSHA

It makes you feel sick or dizzy just looking at it! So it’s no wonder that the phrase “safety first” is enjoying a certain popularity, at least with some people. If this hasn’t scared you off, the following galleries may teach you fear:

Thumbnails: © reddit / th2ndchmst © reddit / sarge-m

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