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16 pictures of shared tattoos

16 pictures of shared tattoos

Tattoos are small works of art that you can get stung almost anywhere on your body. The possible motifs, shapes and colors seem endless. A particular example of this are shared tattoos, which often only make sense as a couple or together – like matching puzzle pieces or a series of mosaics.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

To achieve this amazing effect, both legs or arms are often tattooed. From the little prince to abstract art to animals or an homage to Sputnik – the variety of topics also seems to know no limits, as the following sixteen images show. Simply a feast for the eyes that should not only please tattoo lovers!

1. The little prince.

2. How often does the heart say yes but the mind say no?

3. A mountain lion and a house tiger.

4. How gloomy!

5. Okay!

6. A riddle?

7. Got to the fox.

8. Would he also score if he did a split?

9. Is that a bee or a fly?

10. Very appetizing.

11. How romantic!

12. Impressive!

13. The real Sputnik was shot into space over 60 years ago.

14. Some have butterflies not only in their stomach, but also on their hands.

15. Game over.

16. A divided flower.

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