16 pictures of helpful animals

16 pictures of helpful animals

Pets can be very useful. Dogs in particular are used, for example, as guard dogs or guide dogs. Apart from these specific tasks, animal companions provide their master with a lot of emotional support and company.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

If you are sad or just need a lift, the cuddly velvet paw, the loyal fur nose or the lively budgie are usually there to help your loved one. This is shown in a heartwarming way in the following sixteen images and video clips:

1. “I worked late at night. My cat did that. “

I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this from r / aww

2. “My sweetie brought me this pen when I was drawing something. Looks very cute. “

My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing. Looking super cute while doing it too from r / aww

3. “Well, Jim came to us this morning soaking wet. We believe the neighbors hosed him down. We were sorry for him. Five minutes later he brought us a whole donut. We don’t have anything like that in the house. I think I now know why he was sprayed wet. “

4. “I heard a light knock on the door. It was the owner’s dog who brought me a stick. “

5. “When I was pretending to be sad, my dog ​​brought me a toy to comfort me.”

6. “My old girl loves to greet me in the morning.”

My old girl loves to come say “hi” in the morning from r / aww

7. “My dog ​​likes to turn around to me during our walks, because he wants to make sure that I am still enjoying myself.”

My dog ​​likes to check on me to make sure I’m still having a good time on our walk from r / aww

8. “A nice thing that Mutti Milly has, who helps her with everything.”

Good thing Mom has Milly around to help with all the things from r / aww

9. “This cat waits with the boy for the school bus every day.”

Cat waits outside every morning to be with a kid when he waits for the bus from r / aww

10. “May I introduce Cleo? She is nineteen years old and has been with me for most of my adult life. “

Meet Miss Cleo. 19 years old, been with me for most of my adult life. from r / aww

11. “Here is my wet little chicken Gilbert. He likes to snap at my fingers and loves to serenade me. It’s the best that could have happened to me. “

Here’s my little wet chicken Gilbert. He likes getting angry at fingers, serenading to feet, and avicakes. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me. from r / parrots

12. “My bitch wags her tail when I look at her and stops when I look away. Don’t worry, it will be petted intensely afterwards. “

My dog ​​wags when I look at her and stops wagging when I don’t. (Don’t worry she got lots of pets after this) from r / aww

13. “On my birthday a few weeks ago, I rescued this cutie from an animal shelter. I’ve been told that he doesn’t like people. And that he was very shy because he was mistreated in his former home. He hid under the bed for a week, and I wasn’t allowed to touch him the following week. Look what he did today! My heart leaps for joy. “

Rescued this sweet boy from the shelter on my birthday a few weeks ago. They said he did not like people and was very shy, as he was abused in his previous home. Spent a week hiding under the bed and another week not letting me touch him, and look what he did today .. my heart feels so full. from r / cats

14. “My mother seems to be slowly getting over her lifelong fear of dogs. This is how my mother and my dog ​​look at each other. “

After a lifelong phobia of dogs, my mum seems to be getting over it. This is how her and my dog ​​look at each other from r / aww

15. “My dog ​​gets a new toy every night to sleep.”

My dog ​​picks out a toy for bed every night from r / aww

16. “Basil, the dumb basset dog, just wants to help her with her training.”

Basil the silly Basset just wants to help her work out! from r / aww

Oh, these dearest animal souls give their masters so much joy and happiness! Of course, it doesn’t matter whether your loved ones are adults or still children. You don’t even have to own a dog or cat to enjoy their antics, as these fifteen wacky pets prove.

One downer, however, is that almost every owner has to develop a certain capacity for suffering over time, as these pets show that ruined Christmas. All in all, however, it’s not surprising that some people become obsessed with their pet. Speaking of obsessed, these fifteen cats seem obsessed with imitating other animals.

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