16 pictures of frozen laundry

16 pictures of frozen laundry

Winter is not for everyone. That is understandable, after all, icy roads, snow-covered paths and icy temperatures are not particularly pleasant, especially in everyday life. Nevertheless, the cold season also has a lot to offer.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Beautiful winter landscapes, fresh air and the comfort of a well-heated home are part of it. In addition, the snow and icy temperatures offer enough opportunity to let off steam creatively. And not only classic snowmen are suitable for this. Some people have started under the umbrella term “Frozen Pants Challenge” (in German for example: Gefrorene-Hosen-Challenge) to freeze their clothes in order to erect strange statues:

1. Really cool!

2. “The wandering pants.”

3. Skateboarding on icy roads is not the best idea.

4. Dogs want to go for a walk even in winter.

5. “Snow adventure.”

6. Take a break first.

7. At least she has knee pads on.

8. Very fashionable.

9. Fun for the whole family!

10. Oh, if you could save yourself the snow shoveling!

11. Very creative.

12. “In northeast Minneapolis …”

13. Chic dress!

14. An icy trouser parade paves its way.

15. Even in winter there is work to be done.

16. What are these pants up to?

These statues are really a great change from the classic snowman. The next time the temperature drops below zero and the washing machine is done, everyone will know what to do! Further “icy” galleries are linked under this paragraph:

Thumbnails: © Instagram / eugenibach © Instagram / willbyington

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